Why Ship With Us


Lugging Golf Clubs Around


Many new customers to Golf Overnight ask, “why ship in the first place?” Let’s face it, checking your oversized golf bag in at the airport is a hassle and can be expensive. First, you shove it into your vehicle, drag it across the airport, wait in line checking it in, next you have to wait for it at baggage claim, and then finally stuff it into another vehicle to get it to your destination. Let Golf Overnight eliminate that annoying process by shipping Golf clubs directly from your where you are to your destination.

Skip Paying Premiums To Bring Your Own Clubs

premiumMost golfers think that burdening themselves with the responsibility of bringing their own clubs will save them money… but that is simply not always the case. Depending on the airline you are flying with, the average price to bring your own golf clubs is about $75. To learn more about airline pricing for your item click here Real Cost of airline shipping

Skip The Wait At Baggage Claim… If It Even Makes It That Far.



It is common for airlines to put oversized bags (your golf bags) last on the baggage claim carousel. This means you will be waiting for everyone else to get their bag until you can expect to see yours – this takes about 40-90 minutes during a round-trip experience… and that is your best case scenario. In 2012, 1.7 million bags were stolen, lost, and damaged in the U.S. alone by the major airlines. By skipping this process altogether you can travel easy knowing your clubs will be waiting for you safely and on time – where you need it.