Preparing Bag for Shipping

Preparing Bag for Shipping

Preparing your golf bag to be shipped

General rules

When you’re mailing golf clubs they can be shipped in a box, a hard case, or a soft case. Make sure all pockets and zippers are closed, and if possible you may want to lock your bag (not required). You will want to attach your label with the clear packing tape, a UPS/FedEx adhesive slip, or both. Golf Overnight also recommends that when you are

You will want to attach your label with the clear packing tape, a UPS/FedEx adhesive slip, or both. Golf Overnight also recommends that when you are shipping online golf clubs that you put an extra label on the inside of the container.

Insurance! All items not shipped in a cardboard box will not be covered if damage occurs. Paying FedEx or UPS to pack your bag will put all fault of any damage on  the couriers. 

FedEx Packaging Guidelines

Attaching the label (Most Common Error)

*Labels coming off the bags is the most common reason bags are not delivered on time! Wrap packing tape all the way around the bag/box and tape the packing tape to itself, and not to the bag/box!

Golf Box (Extremely Recommended)

When shipping online golf bags using a box is preferred by FedEx and UPS. All items not in cardboard box are not covered if damage occurs to any of the items. The labels stick well to these boxes, also.

UPS and FedEx provide clear adhesive slips to put your labels, or you can use clear packing tape.

If using packing tape then cover the entire label with tape.

Hard Travel Case (Very Recommended)

The ideal place to put your label is on a piece of hard flat plastic (not underneath the bag). If you are using clear packing tape then please wrap the tape completely around the bag. A shipping tag would also work. Remember to cover the label completely with clear packing tape.

Soft Travel Bag 

If there is hard flat plastic on your bag that would be the best place to put your label. If there is no plastic then consider using a shipping tag, or purchasing a box. Again, when shipping golf bags the number one issue is the label falling off. If you must tape your label to your bag without a flat hard surface behind it then please wrap the tape all the way around your bag and make the label flat.

FedEx Packing Tips

Purchasing Shipping Materials

For purchasing shipping tags you need to make sure you go to the same courier store that is shipping your bag.

For golf bag boxes you can purchase them from your local FedEx or UPS store. Highly recommended!

Golf Overnight also sells boxes, and you can even call your local golf stores to see if they have any extra boxes that they could give to you.

Bubble Wrap! Wrap your clubs with bubble wrap to ensure protection. Taping your clubs together or using newspaper to make sure your clubs do not move around too much is also very effective and cheap!

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Paying Fedex and UPS to Pack (Most Preferred)

The best way to pack your clubs is to not actually pack your clubs, but to have them packed professionally. This does not just ensure that your clubs will be safe, but if any damage does occur then filing a claim will be much easier when it was packed by the courier itself!