How It Works

Sport shipping process



1. Book Your Shipment

By clicking Here you can start the process of booking your Golf bag shipment online.

To receive a quote please select a golf bag type, where your clubs are coming from and going to, and the speed you want your clubs to arrive. To finalize your club shipment let us know the date you want your clubs shipped, and the date you want your clubs returned. Finally, you will be redirected to PayPal to schedule your payment, or you can use the form on step 3. In only about 2 minutes you can be checked out and receive your golf bag in as little as 1 business day.



2. Pack & Prepboxesxx

Here at Golf Overnight we offer a complete in-home solution to shipping your Golf club at a cheap price . If you have a golf travel bag then you are set! FedEx and UPS will consider the travel bag as your container.

If your clubs need to be put in a box then we can sell and ship you one at wholesale pricing. You also have the option of purchasing a box from other locations. We e-mail electronic shipping labels to you the same day, and we also provide the option to have the labels mailed to your location- Golf Overnight must know 1 week in advance before the ship date.



3. Equipment Pick up or Drop off

Golf Overnight offers plenty of flexible options for equipment pick up or drop off. You will have the option to have your equipment picked up from your office, home, or pretty much anywhere with an address – all for no additional cost. You will also have the option of simply dropping off your package with the courier we have selected.



4. Relax

Whether you are driving, flying, or anything in between, you can relax knowing Golf Overnight will have a specialist tracking and monitoring your clubs 24/7 making sure they are safe and will arrive on time. All packages come with shipment insurance and an on-time guarantee!



5. Delivery

Golf Overnight can send your clubs anywhere: clubhouse, residence, office, or anywhere with an address. This allows you to travel golf bag free and worry free.



Golf Overnight includes complimentary insurance on all bag shipments, and we also offer additional insurance if you want it. We guarantee your shipment will arrive on time. If in the rare instance that your bags arrives after your quoted date, we will give you $250 to cover your rentals as a way to make amends.