Why We Should Hire Shipping Company for Golf Shipment?

Golfers ship their golf clubs to various destinations where they spend their vacations or attend tournaments. In most cases, they hire a shipping company to help with transporting them. This practice is commonplace, but it begs one question: “why do golfers ship their clubs rather than buy new ones in their new location?” In a bid to provide an answer to this query, this review explores some of the reasons why you ship your golf clubs on your next trip to a different location where you want to enjoy this game.

The Cost

If you do not carry your golf clubs along with you a destination of a golfing event or vacation, then the only options for you to play golf in that place is to either buy new clubs or borrow from other people. The latter is likely to backfire as the other golfers have plans to play with their clubs. Buying new ones is both tricky and costly. Not only might you fail to find the best dealer to sell you the clubs, but also have to fork out hefty sums of money to get them.

Top-of-the-line irons (3-iron with pitching wedge) go for a range of $700 – $1,200, whereas top-of-the-line drivers require you to spend about $300 to $600. Since one golf bag carries about 14 clubs, you are likely to pay around $4,200 to $16,800 on just one bag of golf clubs. If the country you visit charges high prices for the clubs, then you will have to carry more money. Since you also have to cater for the air tickets and other expenses, you will have to spend hefty sums of money. In such a case, shipping becomes the best option for transporting the golf clubs to the destination of your choice.

Luggage weight and safety

Another factor that makes shipping your clubs a necessity is the fact that it is the only viable choice you have. In most cases, using airline has been the best method of transferring golf clubs, but that approach poses several challenges. For starters, the airport security demands that golf travel bags and shipping containers for golf clubs be unlocked, unless they are locked with the TSA- approved locks, and airlines establish stricter and highly expensive allowances for baggage and weight limits. Although such situation could prompt the airline attendants to transfer some of your luggage to another plane, you should hire a shipping company that will not have to worry about the weight of your luggage. Read our previous blog for “10 Reasons Why You Should Ship Your Golf Club

Another problem with transporting your clubs using an airline is that you to cater for their safety. Regardless of the strict and many check-INS at the airport, the flight attendants have little responsibility for the security of tour clubs. Someone else can claim their possession and walk away with them if you do not keep your eyes on them. In the case of shipping, you do not have to go through such troubles as the company provides insurance and security for your clubs as you enjoy your journey.


Airlines do not offer many privileges as the shipping industries do for the clients they transport their clubs. You must use a rental car at least once when using an airline, especially if your house or destination is not with the airport perimeters. Not only is such an activity daunting, but also costly. If you have much luggage, then you are also likely to miss space in the car. On the contrary, a shipping company collects your golf clubs from your home and delivers them to the destination of your choice. For these reasons, you should only ship your clubs on your next vacation or tournament. Ship now


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