Why Golf is Actually The Best Sport to Play?

It does not take much to actually see that golf is the best sport in 2017. If you are on Golfovernight or browsing through other golf sites, then,the chances are that you, also, share a similar conviction. Well, if you are not fully convinced,

Reasons why golf is the best sport to play

  1. You can actually play alone

When you consider other sports like tennis, basketball, football or rugby, you actually cannot play alone. The experience is nowhere close to fun when playing these sports alone. You will get bored pretty fast. However, the story is different with golf. You can have a lot of fun while playing alone. The chances of you getting bored are close to zero. In fact, a good number of people actually prefer playing by themselves. It provides a great way just to relax and have some alone time.

  1. Can play with anyone

This is yet another beautiful reason to play golf. You can play with anyone, whether they are still at beginner level or they are veterans in the game. The handicap system helps level the playing field thus allowing for players of any level of experience to play together. This is unlike many other sports where experience matters a lot.

  1. Different golf courses

There are only a few sports where the field changes. Most of the sports have the same type of fields with no much difference in the features. But that is not the case with golf. Different golf courses are built on different landscapes and hence offer different experiences. If you have played on a particular golf course and have conquered every part of it, or it has bored you, all you have to do is simply switch to another golf course. Additionally, the different courses have different feels hence it is quite hard actually to get bored.

  1. You don’t need a lot of practice to play

Golf is one of the sports you actually can just wake up and play. You do not need to spend countless hours at the gym getting into shape for a game. All you have to do is get up, pick a golf club and go swing at the course. You don’t need to spend several hours practicing. You get good with time when you play constantly.

  1. The money

Other than being a good way to relax and have fun, golfing is a great way to make some money. While you have to be skilled to play for money, it is much easier to get to that level of competition in golf as compared to other sports. All you have to do is excel in one of the local tournaments near you, and you walk out with some good cash.

  1. No age restrictions

It does not matter what age you are. As long as you are strong enough to swing a golf club, you can play the sport. If fact, you can still play and be competitive even at age 50. Comparing that with a sport like soccer or basketball, most of the players retire even before attaining age 40. It is actually difficult to learn these sports from beginner level at advanced ages.

  1. Size and athleticism do not matter

There is no running around and pushing involved in golf. Having a huge body and being athletic offers no competitive advantage. Unless you are 27 years old and going against an 85-year old man, your mental game is what will give you an edge over your opponents. Not your size or athleticism.

  1. You can drink with friends while playing

You can go to a golf course with your buddies and enjoy some beer while facing off. The drinking will not have that much of an effect on your game. Other games can prove to be quite hard to play while drinking. In fact, it is quite impossible to play while drinking because you will be very ineffective. While you can have a drink or two at the golf course, be keen not to go over the limit.

  1. A gentleman’s game

It is not unusual to hear of cases where a basket baller, footballer or rugby player engaged in a fight with one of their opponents because they were too competitive or rough on them. In golf, such cases almost never occur. In this sport, athleticism offers no competitive advantage, and a case of a fight between two opponents is always as a result of intoxication. This is a gentleman’s game. When you face off against an opponent, you follow all the rules, and when you lose, you lose honorably. The etiquette and the respect are what makes golf a great game.

  1. You can plan your day around it

Given that playing golf is fun and not that demanding physically, you can actually spend your whole day golfing without being too exhausted. Also, you can decide to play in intervals; say you start alone to warm up and get into game shape, then face off a couple of opponents there on the course, relax for some time then call your buddies to come over for another round in the afternoon. With other sports, the body cannot handle the strain.

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