What Size Box to Ship Golf Clubs ?

When you decide to ship your golf clubs, you will probably do so through a shipping company. The shipping company will usually send a packing box to you. However, you may also decide to purchase a shipping box of your own.

One of the considerations when picking your box is size. The reason size is so important is that shipping companies charge the package according to its dimensions and weight. Here is a guide that will help you find the right size of a box when shipping your golf clubs.

  1. Begin by Choosing the Shipping Bag

Before you begin choosing the shipping box, you need to have the shipping bag with you. It will help you make a careful assessment when the time comes to get the right size of the box. There are different types of bags, which will alter the size of your box differently.

For instance, some are very broad because of the padding material used. On the other hand, some bags are quite slim since they only use the bare minimum of the padding material. With such a bag, you sacrifice a bit of cushioning for compactness.

Other bags can also be made of a hard outer shell. With such a bag, you will be substantially limited in the dimensions of the box you chose.

  1. Load Your Bag with the Clubs First

Before picking the size of the box, you will use, pack up your golfing clubs in the bag. When the bag is fully loaded with all the essentials, you can now take measurements. Do not believe the instructions about dimensions that come with the bag. Firstly, the way you pack you clubs may not be the same way the manufacturer envisioned.

  1. Remove the Heads of the Golf Clubs

When you do that, it lowers the total height of your clubs. The drivers can then be packed inside compartments in the golf bag. With reduced height, it can cut down the size of the box that you require. The result is that you pay less for shipping.

  1. Check the Shipping Rates By Size

Sometimes a reduction in just one dimension by an inch or two could reduce the shipping cost significantly. When you discover this, you will want to ensure that your shipping box does not go over the limit you set. Thus, it will motivate you to get creative.

  1. Use high-quality Packing Material

One of the main reasons you may request for a larger box is to provide extra cushion for your golf balls. However, that can be avoided by choosing a quality packing material. You can opt to purchase high-end bubble wrap that requires fewer rolls to secure your clubs.

There are many types of packing materials, which you can use. Check them out and find one that allows you to reduce the amount of space you need to secure your golf clubs.

  1. Read about the Safety Recommendations

Your golf clubs could end up being damaged if you use a box that is of the wrong size. Thankfully, some experts have been doing it for years. They know the exact dimensions that ensure your golf clubs will get the amount of cushioning they need.

Conduct research and find out how much space needs to be left for your golf clubs to be shipped safely.

  1. Know How to Size Your Clubs                                            

Each company offers its customers a quick guide on how to size the golf clubs. In most cases, it entails measuring the widest part of the golf clubs in their bag, the tallest part and the length of the golf bag packed with clubs.

The shipping companies will provide their customers with detailed images on how to estimate these dimensions. Check these guides to discover what will work best for you during shipment.

  1. Ask Your Friends

Some of your friends may be workers in the shipping industry. There is no doubt that they have come across your brand of golf clubs and bag. It is particularly true if they are popular brands. Thus, they could give you good recommendations on which size to use.

Besides that, some of your friends may also have shipped golf clubs in the past. You should request for their assistance when you are choosing the size of the shipping box.

  1. Try a Few Boxes

Shipping boxes are relatively inexpensive. You should buy a few of them and try them. It is important to ensure that when you pack your clubs, there are no bulges on the box’s sides. It indicates the box is not the right size.

  1. Inquire about the Different Options Available

A reason why you may choose a box that is not the right size is that you are unaware of how many options are available. Most shipping companies offer a wide array of dimensions, which could help you choose the right box for your golf clubs. Inquire about them.


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