Top 15 Golf Shots in the Masters

The Masters is the first major golf tournament of a golf season. The event that is usually held throughout the first April weekend is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments. Since it began, many golfers have taken to the golf course and hit incredible shots.

Golf Shot Master in 2017 Tournament

  1. Tiger Woods at the 16th Hole in 2005

This shot by Tiger Woods was one that defied all manner of logic. He hit a perfect chip from the collar of a rough. The ball rolled and just when people thought the ball would stop, gravity took charge and rolled the ball right into the hole. This shot took Tiger Woods from potentially losing the tournament to winning it in the playoff. Up to date, this shot remains to be a wonder.

  1. Gene Sarazen’s double-eagle in 1935

Sarazen’s shot is one of the greatest golf shots in the history of the Masters Tournament. This memorable shot came during the final round on the 15th hole where he erased Craig Wood’s lead with a shot that shook the world. He held out from a 253-yard range using a four wood to tie the final round. He ended up flooring Wood to win the tournament which was the second of this prestigious annual tournament.

  1. Bubba Watson in 2012

It was on the 2nd playoff hole that Bubba Watson hit one of the most incredible and imaginative shots in the entire of golfing history. He found himself deep in the trees and had an uphill task to save his par. A whole 163 yards lie between him and the flag but that, and the trees did not stop him from making history. He managed to arc a 45-yards hook around the spectators to within just 10 feet. He won.

  1. Phil Mickelson in 2010

Phil used a six iron from 207 yards out in the pine straw to get the ball to within three feet of the hole. While he ended up missing the short putt to settle for a birdie, his 207-yards shot was quite incredible.

  1. Larry Mize during the 1987 Payoffs

By the time Mize and White Shark were headed to the second hole, White had the odds in his favor. Mize missed his shot by quite some margin, and he seemingly needed an extra par to proceed. He stepped up and hit a chip shot towards the hole and into the cup for a birdie twos to get back in the game.

  1. Sandy Lyle’s fairway bunker shot in 1988

Lyle made a bunker shot look like a piece of cake by hitting a near-perfect 7-iron that rolled just 10 feet from the hole. He proceeded to nail the birdie for his only career green jacket.

  1. Jack Nicklaus’ 40-foot putt

In 1975, Nicklaus saw a 40-feet distance to be quite short, and he conquered it with golf’s most incredible putt. It was a battle between him, Tom Weiskopf and Johnny Miller. Nicklaus ended up taking home the green jacket thanks to his incredible birdie putt.

  1. Louis Oosthuizen in 2012

The runner-up position he took did not overshadow his amazing shot. He did well in hitting just the fourth three-under par in the history of the Masters.

  1. The 25-foot birdie by Adam Scott in 2013

This Australian took an interesting approach to the 18th hole by hitting the shot 25 feet away from the cup. He then hit a clutch putter shot to go one hole up against Angel Cabrera.

  1. Kevin Chappell in 2017

A 71-76 opening to mark the first two rounds meant that Kevin needed something extra. Luckily he got it as he managed to hole from 131 yards. While it did not put him in a contention position, the shot geared him up for a strong finish.

  1. Rory McLLroy in 2017

Low scores were far from reach for Rory, and his troubles followed him to the 3-par sixth hole. His tee shot failed him and rolled off the green’s front. Good thing Rory managed to handle the 54-foot chip excellently using the flag stick to stop the ball leading it to drop right into the hole.

  1. Arnold Palmer in 1960

It was at the 18th that Palmer curved a 6-iron brilliantly to beat Ken Venturi with a birdie and take home the title.

  1. Jack Nicklaus in 1986

Jack Nicklaus stunned the crowds for the second time with a majestic back-nine 30. Though dramatic, a well-struck 5-iron to within 12 feet set up an eagle for him that propelled him through Augusta National.

  1. Byron Nelson in 1937

Trailing Ralph Gulldahl heading into the last round, Nelson made a long birdie putt on the 12th and a chip off the greens on the 13th, picking up 6 strokes and a 2-shot win.

  1. Jordan Spieth in 2017

It was two holes layer at the 8th that his 3-wood strike skipped and eventually rolled to within a 10 feet radius from the hole. Skill and luck led to this lucky but incredible shot.

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