8 Reason- Shipping Clubs Makes More Sense than Checking Them

Until a while back, checking your clubs at the airport was the best option golfers had. However, that has changed radically with the introduction of affordable golf shipping services. Companies such golfovernight.com, have made it quite affordable to ship clubs. Here are some points to consider. Shipping Clubs Makes More Sense than Checking Them It[…]

What is the Best Way to Ship Golf Clubs?

It is not about choosing the first golf club shipping company that you find. Rather, it is about choosing the best quality shipping company. One of the finest companies around is golfovernight.com. They have proven themselves to be a reliable partner for all your club-shipping needs through great service delivery. Here are a few reasons[…]

Too Much Baggage? How to Ship Your Luggage

If you are planning a one-day trip, then you probably will not have much luggage. However, that all changes when you have to plan to go on a family vacation that is two days or more long. If you have kids, you will probably have to bring lots of clothes and other necessities. That means[…]

When Shipping Clubs Makes More Sense than Checking Them

Golfers travel with their clubs all the time. However, it has become quite expensive in the recent past. Airports all around the world seem to be targeting golfers in a bid to boost their revenues. Besides the high fees charged by airlines, you will also have to deal with the inconvenience of having to lug[…]

10 Stress-Free Ways to Travel without Your Golf Clubs

Despite airlines charging astronomical fees for golf bags, they still have a tendency to lose them. It is among the many reasons golf-shipping companies have become popular. The last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you will ever see your clubs again when the airlines take charge of them. Here are ten[…]