How I Can Start Golf Play as a Beginners?

For a beginner in golf, there are various fundamental tips one needs to learn and internalize to become a pro in the sport in the future. Basics help you build a strong foundation, and the better you master the basics, the higher the likelihood that you will be a better golfer. Here are 15 golf[…]

Why a Pre-Shot Routine Is So Important in Golf Swing?

Nothing can help you improve your handicap better than going back to the basics. In fact, most other golf tips are just great ways to teach people about the basics such as the golf swing. Our goal at is to help you understand all aspects of the swing. Before you quit golf because of[…]

Why Golf Is Becoming More Popular among Millennials?

Golf has always been one of the most exclusive sports in the world—mostly exclusive to the rich, middle-aged, and elderly people, a majority of them men. However, the sport is experiencing a rise in popularity among millennials against all odds.So, what exactly is drawing millennials to golf? Here are 17 reasons why golf is becoming[…]