What Is The Right Way To Mark A Ball On The Green?

Marking balls on the putting green should be something relatively simple. It should not be a process, which causes too many issues with the rules. However, it is worth considering what is allowed and what is not permitted by the rules. Everyone has the favorite golf marker, some of which are quite glitzy. However, they[…]

How Far Should Stance Away from your Golf Ball?

The golf stance consists of several factors working together to help you achieve the perfect shot. In fact, without the proper golf stance, your golfing skills may never improve. That is why we at golfovernight.com have decided to offer you some tips. Thus, next time you are on a golf course, you may get a[…]

What’s the Correct Golf Ball Position at Address?

Most players do not pay attention to the ball position when preparing to take a shot. To them, the ball position does not seem to have any meaningful effect on the accuracy and distance of their shot. However, we at Golf Overnight Shipping Company have an experiment that can prove otherwise. Address the ball as[…]

Where to Position the Golf Ball and How to Improve Stance?

A quality golf swing requires several fundamental elements taken into consideration. Mastering these elements is what will help you get the best swing and give your opponents some good challenge all through. Golf overnight identifies the stance as one of the key ingredients to your swing. One common mistake amateur golfers do is not concentrating[…]