Suggested Physical Therapy Tips to Reduce Golf Back Pain

Unlike in the 1900s, the popularity of the golfing game has been increasing massively in the United States of America and other countries in the world. However, every year golf injuries affect over 20 percent of the professional golfers globally. The golf back pain is the greatest challenge that hinders them to perform efficiently in different competitions. Golf Overnight is a reliable company that offers helpful physical therapy tips that enable the golfers to reduce golf back pain problems. Without the golf back pain, the professionals can beat their competitors with ease. Below are the physical therapy tips to reduce golf back pain. If your back pain persists then it is paramount that you seek advice from an orthopedic surgeon as back pain could be caused by an undiagnosed spine condition.

  • Warm up before playing golf

Golf analysts state that, a great percentage of the golfers who always have back pain problems rarely warm up before entering the golf courses for a competitive game. The professionals who practice in the morning, before the tournament commences always outdo their competitors.

It is recommended that the players keep their bodies fit throughout the year by engaging in different warm up activities. Failure to warm up can lead to sacro iliac dysfunction (you can read more here – Warm-ups help the back pains to heal within a short period. These practices are helpful to the body because the affected muscles can stretch effectively and keep the golfer’s body strong. The players must get prepared physically and psychologically for the actual game.

  • Focus on your flexibility

There are different activities that you can do as a golfer to increase the flexibility of the body. To enjoy the golf game, you should have a flexible body. Additionally, your muscles should be strong. These two aspects will enable you to have perfect golf swings.

It is important that golfers should engage in stretching and other activities that will enable the body to remain flexible throughout the year. It is an effective physical therapy tip that fastens the healing process of the golfer’s body. Running and jogging are two productive activities that increase the flexibility of the body. The morning hours are the best periods to jog and run for every athlete.

There are different types of body stretches. The stretching is helpful to the body, especially during the healing process of the golfers encountering back pain. Below are the body stretching activities, suggested to reduce golf back pain. They are the best physical therapy techniques that are helpful to professional golfers.

  • Prone Press ups

The starting position of performing these press ups begins by the golfer lying straight on a flat and smooth surface. The athlete should keep the pelvis and the hips intact with the flat surface. The next step to perform is lifting the upper torso perfectly off the surface using the arms. The process enables the back muscles to remain relaxed. The golfer should move up as high as possible.

However, they should be cautious to avoid getting more back problems. They should move up and down for over eight times. Performing these activities twice a day will also fasten the healing process of the back muscles. The practices will stretch the muscles efficiently and keep them strong.

  • Knee to Chest Stretches

It starts by lying down on your back on a flat and comfortable surface. The golfer should ensure that they support the head with a pillow or any other soft object. Then, they should lift one knee using the hands towards the chest. They should ensure that the other leg remains intact with the flat surface without moving up. It is advisable to keep changing the legs regularly.

Performing these activities two or three times per day for 30 to 40 seconds will enable the back muscles to stretch effectively. Knee to Chest Stretches plays a significant role in the reduction of the back pains. You will be able to engage in competitive tournaments with confidence.

  • The Child’s Pose or the Prayer Stretch

This stretching techniqueis recommended for the golfers who have painful back problems in the lower muscles. When using this technique, you should sit back on your buttocks on a flat surface. You should ensure that your buttocks rest perfectly on your knees. You should move your hands forward to lengthen the spine. Also, focus on the distance that your hands are moving to enhance dynamic stretching of the spine. Then, repeat the procedure of moving the hands forward and backward numerous times for 50 seconds. It will boost the strength of the back muscles and terminate the back pains from the golfer’s body.

  • Stretch your Hamstrings

One of the leading causes of golf back pain is having tight hamstrings. Therefore, it is recommended golfers who have these problems to perform hamstring stretching exercises every day. The practices assist in decreasing the tight pressure on the athlete’s pelvis. However, people should stretch their hamstrings carefully to avoid getting more back problems. Stretching the hamstrings enables the body to feel relieved and strengthened. It reduces the back pain and allows the golfer to get more confidence to enter the golf courses comfortably for competitions.

Therefore, the above physical therapy tips are essential for every golfer. They help in strengthening the body and reducing the back pain. The players who use these tips stay fit throughout the year and engage in a variety of competitive tournaments. You can visit Golf Overnight for more tips on golfing.

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