How to Stop Hooking the Golf Ball?

A hook can be very frustrating for a golfer especially if they are competing against other golfers. A hook is basically a shot that bends mid-air. For a golfer who is right-handed, a hook shot will start straight or a little bit to the right and then curve mid-air to the left side of the target. The ball landing in the wrong place means you will take more shots that will result in a poor score.

Tips to stop hooking the golf ball

  1. Use the right golf club

The first step towards fixing any kind of faulty shot is by using the right tool; in this case the right golf club. The different clubs have different lengths and lofts. Hence you should pick a club whose length you and comfortable with and one with the right loft. This will give you more command of the direction the golf ball will take.

  1. Keep your club face square to the target

The golf ball will always lead to the direction in which the clubface is facing. Before you take your shot, make sure you have addressed the alignment of your clubface to be square to the target. If the clubface is aimed towards the left side of the target, then you can expect the ball to shift to that direction upon impact. Therefore, do not rush with the shot. Address the alignment of the clubface first before you swing.

  1. Check your grip

Your grip is the next thing to check before you swing the club. The best position is when your chin is directly above your hands, and you are able to see one knuckle in your right hand and three in your left hand. Your grip should not be too strong as that may result in a hook. You should be free to make minor adjustments without losing command of the club.

  1. Proper ball positioning

The ball should be along the swing path. Your swing should not be going from the inside to the outside as that will give the ball a spin. The ball position should be along the straight swing path just inside the left foot.

  1. Proper stance

Your stance should not be too wide or too narrow. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, your back straight and your knees slightly bent. The main thing is to ensure your stance is not too wide as that will result in a hook.

  1. Square up

If your body and your shoulders are aiming right at address and the clubface is square, the swing will be an in-to-out hence resulting in a hook. You should square up first. A golf instructor can help you here.

  1. Slow backswing

Take extremely slow back swings to ensure that your hands are led by your body at impact. Your hips and the legs should be the ones leading your arms on the downswing. You can begin with a half swing just to get the flow first.

  1. Have a follow through

A follow through is an important ingredient of any swing as it affects the direction the ball will take. The ball will always lead to wards the direction of the follow through. As such, it should be towards the target direction.

  1. Watch your weight

You need to make sure that your weight is balanced or slightly on your toes. If you shift too much weight to your right foot or back on your heels, you are likely to close the club face upon impact which will result in a hook. As such, you should be keen on how you shift your weight.

  1. Keep rotating your body

When you stop rotating your body through impact, you are likely to release the angle in the hands early through impact. To help encourage your body to rotate, turn your left toe slightly outwards at address.

  1. Assess the yard

Some golfers have a natural in-to-out swing. As such, you should get to the range and know the number of yards you are dealing with. With this knowledge and the knowledge of to what extent you draw the ball naturally, adjust accordingly.

  1. Tee time

As you grip the golf club, have a tee placed between your hands and wedge it between your right hand’s heel and the top knuckle. As you hit the balls, your tee should not slip from your hands. With time you will be hitting better shots.

  1. Use your lower body effectively

An inactive lower body is the most common cause of a hook. As such, you should be keen to use your lower body effectively for proper weight distribution and body rotation.

  1. Keep your swing short

Top golf coaches suggest that in order for you to cure your hook, you should keep the shot very nice and slow. This will give you more command of the ball direction.

  1. Practice

The only way you can perfect all these tips is by doing regular practice. A perfect swing will not come on its own.

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