How to Stop Hitting Fat Golf Shots?

A fat shot usually occurs when you target hitting the ball but end up hitting the ground first resulting in the ball going for just a short distance with a large divot. It can be very frustrating for a golfer to keep hitting fat shots as that means they will have to take more shots. Everyone who plays golf has probably hit a fat shot at some time, and it is not a strange thing. However, you can fix it and be more efficient on the golf course. Here are tips by Golf Overnight Shipping Company that will help you forget about fat shots.

  1. Get into the proper setup position

The first step is getting into the proper setup position. Ensure that the ball is at the right distance from your body, you have the right grip on the club and that you have maintained a proper stance. A proper setup position will ensure your golf club impacts the ball correctly.

  1. Maintain the right posture throughout your swing

Ensure that you maintain your posture without having to lower your head. You should lean slightly forward by not too low as that will result in you hitting a fat shot. Maintain the relaxed posture through the swing.

  1. Use a club of the right length

If you are short and use a club with a long shaft, you will hit fat shots continuously. As such, it is important that you use a golf club that is right for your height; one that you are comfortable with.

  1. Check your body balance

Most golfers focus on getting the ball high up in the air. They tend to lean back shifting their weight to the back leg. The body balance will ultimately shift to the back resulting in the golf club impacting the ground first before hitting the golf ball.  Much of your weight should be on your leading foot to provide the correct body balance for the shot. You should feel your weight on your toes starting from the big one to the little toe.

  1. Proper weight shift

On your downswing, ensure that your body weight shifts from your right foot to your left foot. At the time the club impacts the ball, 80% of your body weight should be lying on your front foot and after impact, on your left foot.

  1. Do not slow down your swing speed

A slow swing speed can result in you dropping your shoulder and body resulting in you lowering your hands. This will definitely cause to you to hit a fat shot. As such, ensure that you do not slow down your swing speed to maintain the correct striking angle.

  1. Slow your backswing

You should try slowing down your backswing without sacrificing your swing speed. A slower backswing will help boost your overall tempo and also allow your body to align itself properly before you begin your downswing. Try working with all possible scenarios on the golf course and adjust accordingly while maintaining the basics.

  1. The club face

Close the club face at a normal angle and not too much. If you close the club face too much, the heel of the club will strike the ground before the club hits the ball resulting in a fat shot. As such, be keen to make sure that the clubface is not too open or closed.

  1. Keep your eyes on the ball

Keep your eyes on the ball and not the fairway. Focusing on the ball improves the coordination between your eyes and your hands.

  1. Check your swing plane

Your swing plane should not be too shallow or too steep. If you are on a steep plane, flatten your shoulders to achieve a shallow plane. By ensuring that your swing plane is not too shallow or too steep, the ball will be impacted at the right swing arc point.

  1. Do not force the shot

When you force the shot, your shoulders will lose their alignment resulting in your hands getting lower and you hitting a fat shot. Forcing the shot distorts your body orientation. As such, be easy on the shot. Use the right amount of power without forcing yourself.

  1. Position the ball properly

Ensure that the golf ball is not too close to your body or too far forward. If the ball is not properly positioned, the lowest point of the swing arc will be behind the ball hence a fat shot.

  1. Body rotation

You should rotate your hips as your swing for proper weight distribution and for the club to hit the ball. As your body rotates, your hips and shoulders should be turned upon impact as opposed to being square or neutral.

  1. Do not rush your shot

Most amateur golfers hit fat shots because of hurrying their shot. Take your time and ensure you have positioned yourself and the ball correctly before you swing.

  1. Get the help of a golf instructor

It is always a good idea to get a golf coach to help you get rid of your fat shots. They will help you fix it fast.

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