How To Do Proper Putting in Golf Game ?

Putting is part of the game of golf, and every player has to master the art of putting. Putting is what distinguishes a great golfer from a good golfer. In fact, some of the greatest golf shots in the history of the sport are putts. So if your putting game is not good and you want to get better, here are tips by Golf Overnight that you can reference before going for practice.

Beginner Steps to Putting in Golf

  1. Align the club face properly

Make sure you align the face of the putter properly. Ensure that the face of the putter is facing the direction that you want the ball to go. The direction of the putter face will determine the direction the golf ball will go and so if you align the face correctly, you will probably hit it right.

  1. Have a light grip

The amount of pressure on your grip greatly influences how effective you will be in your putting game. For this kind of shot, your grip should not be too tight. You ought to loosen it a bit to give your arms and wrists the right amount of flexibility required. However, make sure that you do not lose command of the putter as that will also affect the quality of your shot.  Perspective

  1. Have a solid base

Having a solid base means that your lower body should not be overactive. Excessive lower-body movement will hinder your ability to hit the ball correctly and consistently. Putter shots do not require you to rotate your body like the other shots. Much of the work is done by the hands. As such, always ensure that your hips and legs are as steady as possible when putting.

  1. Practice with one hand

One of the best ways of getting your putting game right is by practicing to putt with just one hand. This will help you get into the right setup position. If you can comfortably putt with one hand, that means you are in the right setup position. If not, it means you have not setup right. Practicing with just one hand can be quite hard at first, but when you do it consistently, it will become easier.

  1. Minimize tension

Being tension-free is a key ingredient to hitting better putts. To free your body from tension, you have to position the ball within the right distance from your body and let your arms hang freely. Adjust your position if you feel any level of discomfort. Once you feel that you are not straining in any way, then you can go ahead and take it home.

  1. Keep your eyes on the ball

Your eyes should be perpendicular with the ball at address. Your eyes should hit the target line perpendicularly to avoid distorting your viewpoint.

  1. Focus on the back of the hole

For putter shots, your target should be at the back of the hole. Identify a spot on the paint in the hole or a speck of grass just at the edge of the back of the hole and make that your target. Focusing on the front will lead you to use less power for the shot.

  1. Find a trigger

A trigger is that thing you do that gets you in motion to take the shot. It is a pre-shot routine. It can be anything, but it should not be too dramatic. For instance, you can track your target line right from the hole, and once your eyes hit the ball, you take your shot.

  1. Do not focus too much on the line at the expense of speed

Most amateurs focus on maintaining a straight path at the expense of the ball speed. Once you set up and have determined the target line, don’t focus on it anymore. Shift your focus to getting the ball to the hole with the right speed.

  1. Care less

Do not take the putter shot too seriously. Approach it like it is a piece of cake. When you free yourself up, you hit better shots.

  1. Be instinctive

Listen to what your instincts are telling you. Sometimes being too technical is disadvantageous rather than helpful.

  1. Make any adjustments before you take the shot

If you need to adjust anything, do so before you take the shot. Adjustments during the shot will affect the speed and direction of the ball, and you will have to take an extra shot.

  1. Think of the roll and not the hit

This is the trick to controlling the distance the ball will go. Take an open stance and let your weight favor your left foot slightly. Keep the putter low to the ground after impact to make the ball roll right into the hole.

  1. Read the green

Greens have different characteristics that require different approaches. It is important to learn how to read the green and know the speed you will need to drive the ball. Texture, nature, and moisture affect how your shot will go.

  1. Practice consistently

The only way to improve your putting game is by always practicing.

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