As a Professional Golfer, Tiger Woods is Done

Tiger Woods was one of the greatest golfers in the world, during the 2000s. He participated in global tournaments and made the impossible things in the game of golf seem simple. His game was inspired by passion, determination, and professionalism. Everyone in the world admired his golfing techniques. He won crucial games against renowned world superstars.

Currently, the sad news is that he is now a shell of his previous or former golfing self. Golfing experts state that Woods will never dominate in the game of golf again. These allegations are true because Tiger rarely appears on major tournaments. Previously, a world competition would not be complete if Tiger Woods was not included as a golfer. In the past, his news trended on televisions and social media platforms all over the world. The fans loved him. Young golfers watched his inspirational YouTube videos, to get his golfing techniques. At high-profile competitions, Tiger won all types of prizes consecutively for many years.

Reasons Why Tiger’s Career is Over

  • The Death of his Father Earl Woods

Earl played a significant role in making Tiger Woods a professional golfer. Therefore, Tiger emulated the behaviors of his dad. He stayed close to him during his childhood life. His father mentored him and made him believe that he can make it in golfing and become a superstar in future. He supported him financially and emotionally.

When Tiger started dominating in all golf competitions, Earl Woods was always there to support him and to make him believe that he can achieve more in his career. Therefore, everything was achievable in the career of Tiger Woods because his father believed in him.

When Earl Woods died, Tiger lost a mentor, a real friend, an advisor, and the person who made him successful. It affected him and may be one of the key reasons why he lost momentum in playing golf. No one else could fill the role his father played in his career. Although he has the billionaire status, he lost a person who he deeply trusted. His career cannot be at the elite level again without the motivation of his father.

  • Marriage Issues which Led to Divorce

Tiger Woods got married to his lover Elin Nordegren. Everyone in the world believed that marriage would make Tiger stronger in his career after losing his father. Therefore, in the absence of his father, sports analysts stated that Tiger made a significant step of marrying Elin Nordegren. They also said that he would become a better golfer.

However, after some time, Tiger Woods changed from being one of the most respected athletes globally to a laughing stock. It was marriage issues and differences with his wife which led to divorce. Tiger became a confused sportsman. The media, which was previously praising him for his success in his career, was now condemning him for his failures to maintain his marriage.

Divorce is a hectic thing that brings confusion and breaks down the hope and determination in a man. It is one of the bad things that happened in the life of the golf icon, Tiger Woods. It included separation from his lovely children. As a global superstar, he could not concentrate on his career again. Therefore, this led to his downfall. Even if he resumes playing the game again, he cannot be the same player again.

  • Bad Press and Loss of Confidence

After all these awful things had happened in the career of Tiger Woods, the media started exaggerating everything. The bad press played a role in tarnishing his iconic name. His loyal fans also started condemning him for his failures. Therefore, he could not attend training sessions with courage like before. He lost his techniques and world-class tricks.

The bad press also affected his self-esteem. The global icon started losing confidence in his career. Unfortunately, his Father, Earl Woods, who used to encourage and motivate him, was not alive. Therefore, he lacked a mentor at this critical stage where he needed inspiration. That is one of the reasons why his career cannot be back to its best level again.

  • Breakdown of the Athletic Body and Injuries

Golf requires a robust and healthy athletic body for a sportsman to succeed. Additionally, the effectiveness and fitness of the body must be consistent to enable the player to be a global superstar for long. Previously, Tiger Woods dominated as the longest and consistent hitter on the PGA Tour. Due to lack of consistency in training and in featuring in tournaments, his body lost the fitness that it had in the past.

The injuries started piling up because Tiger Woods’ body lacked daily workouts that made him a famous golfer throughout the year. Therefore, his game started changing. The golf world noted these significant changes in the 2013 season. Although he won five times in that season, Tiger Woods was slow, and he could not hit the ball longer like before.

Unlike in the 2000s, Tiger Woods is now older. Therefore, he is losing the young and athletic body with time, which is another reason why he cannot dominate the world of golf again. New young golfers are emerging every day. After a short period, Tiger will retire, and these young people will continue to dominate.

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