How to Play Golf with Someone You Hate?

Golfing is one of the greatest sports to play when looking to relax and have fun at the same time. The beauty of the sport is that it is very friendly and can involve a number of people. It is actually more fun if you have some challenge. However, once in a while you might find yourself in that awkward position where you have to golf with that one person in the world you really hate to play golf with.

Of course, there is the option of not playing with them. But then you just cannot let one person hinder you from having fun and doing what you were set out to do. Figuring out how to play golf with someone you hate can help you deal with such a situation and make your golfing session more fun.

The Different Kinds of People, and How to Handle them on the Golf Course.

The Wannabe Pro

Among the people, you hate to play golf with is the wannabe pro. Yes! They do exist even on golf courses. These guys invest more on looking like a pro rather than actually being a pro. They are the type that will have all the cool merchandise from some of the pro players. They always know everything pertaining golf. They will give you all manner of ideas like tips on how to swing and even bet on your back swings.

The best way to play with such a person is to beat them with a score that will make them shut up. Make them look small. Most of these kinds of people are only good at talking, but when it comes to the real game, they are very poor.

The Egotist Golfer

This kind of people can always be easily identified. The stroking of their ego come first before their game strokes. They always want to explain away their crappy shots by coming up with all manner of excuses. Others underplay their skills so that they can be praised and given attention when they hit amazing shots.

When you get such, the only thing you can do is to ignore them. For a while, they will look like the cool guy, but eventually, people will get fed up with their stunts. Their ego should not hinder you from enjoying your golfing session.

The Slow Golfer

Sometimes you are hot and cannot afford to slow down. But then, there is this player you are with who just drags you down making you hate them so much for it. There are various types of people here. There is that one who will spend forever trying to find the lost balls, there is the slacker, the one who cannot let go of his phone for even one minute, the one who stands and starts admiring the course and smelling roses and all manner of irritating people. Your level of patience gets really tested especially if you meet a guy who has to calculate angles.

You cannot afford long waits, and the best way to handle a guy who is slow on the course is starting to play or let the other golfers start playing instead. The slow one can always catch up.

The Cheating Player

Some people seem to have a lying gene embedded in them. They are always dishonest when counting their strokes and always take inappropriate drops. If it’s an amateur player, you can assume they do not know the rules. But they always know the rules, and that is why they are on the golf course swinging clubs.

When you meet such a character, there is not much you can do. Just keep playing while counting your strokes. Even if they cheat, you know you have given them a thorough whipping. Also, with time other golfers will note him and will not get partners to play with eventually. A cheater will never prosper.

There are other ways you can handle these and other kinds of people you hate playing golf with. One of the ways if re-framing your perspective. The reality is that some people cannot change. The best way is to focus on the good things if you have to play and want to enjoy your golfing session There is always something good. Focus on those and try to ignore the irritating part of them that you hate most.

You can also take on the honey approach. Be kind to them even when they get irritating. Sometimes playing their game makes them look stupid and realize just how terrible they are at golfing. After that set the pace and they follow.

The no-nonsense approach can be equally effective too. Sometimes the only way to get these players you hate to play golf in the right way is by bullying your way and setting the pace. This should, however, be done creatively and carefully since you can never know what is within someone. You need to be extremely careful particularly with people who do not like being pushed around or being forced or told what to do.

Also, the problem might just be you. You might be hating on another golfer because he does not do what you want him to do when actually what you do on the golf course is what’s annoying. Some introspection will not hurt at all. Look at your behavior at the course and identify the things you do that other players might not like. Take a hard look at yourself and change the bad behaviors you might be having when playing golf. If you can find a way to scrap them off, then perhaps you can enjoy golfing even better than you have before.

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