What is the Key Element of Proper Golf Setup in Game?

A proper setup position is very critical to your golf game. All sports that require virtual skills demand accuracy and consistency, and that is facilitated by first being in the correct setup position. Some of the key elements of a proper golf setup include proper alignment of the body, the correct stance position, good posture and the correct grip. Here are setup tips highlighted by Golf Overnight you can reference.

Top Key Element for Perfect Setup in Golf

  1. Correct grip pressure

The grip pressure is one of the factors that determine the distance the ball will travel yet it is often overlooked. Your grip should be firm but not tight. A tight grip will lead to your hand muscles tightening reducing your flexibility. With reduced flexibility, your swing speed will be slow, and you won’t release the club head at the correct time.

  1. Proper positioning of the back foot

Players often overlook the back foot when setting up yet it has a great impact on the swing quality. Your back foot should lie perpendicular to your target line as opposed to it being flared out. Always ensure that your back foot is squared with the line of the target to avoid problems with your swing.

  1. Where to hold the club

Different players have different ways of holding the club. Also, the yardage and the type of golf club plays a role in determining where to hold the club from. When driving, it is recommended that you hold the far end of the handle. The general rule, however, is that you should maintain a neutral grip as it works for all shots.

  1. Proper foot position

Your feet should be wide; about shoulder-width apart. You can adjust the width depending on the kind of shot you want to hit. Driving requires a much wider stance as compared to putting. You can adjust accordingly depending on the distance you want to cover. A wider stance allows for you to swing further and rotate your body more hence delivering more power to the shot.

  1. Your back should be straight

One mistake that amateur golfers make is that when they bend, they tend to curve their back. Your spine should be straight, and the bending should be at the hips. This will allow you to rotate properly as you swing.

  1. Balance your weight

Your weight should be rested on your feet and not your heels or your toes. When using the longest irons, much of your weight should be rested on your trailing foot, half of your weight on both feet for middle iron shots and more weight on the foot on the target side for the short irons. Proper weight distribution gives you the correct swing angle.

  1. Position of the ball

 The long irons require the ball to be positioned right at the center of your stance while the driver should be closer to the target-side foot but to the inside of the stance. The golf shaft is what determines the position of the ball. You, therefore, should adjust accordingly.

  1. Club first and then feet

Setting up your feet first before you hold the club correctly will make it hard for you to maintain a proper stance position. As such, hold the club properly first then your feet.

  1. Correct posture

Other than your back being straight, ensure that your knees are flexed slightly and directly over the ball. Your hands should be falling forward. Coordinating your feet, knees, back, and hands at the same time can be quite hard. You, therefore, should be keen not to strain.

  1. Achieve shot accuracy by chocking the club

While you might lose some yards, chocking the club greatly improves your shot accuracy by giving your better club control.

  1. Align your hips with your shoulders

During setup, your hips and your shoulders should be directly aligned. If they are closed or open to the target line, syncing them with your shoulders will be much harder during your backswing and downswing. At the time of impact, your hips must be open.

  1. Pick a target and work around it

Having a point of reference is helpful in figuring out the proper stance position. Your target should help you know how to align your feet and your shoulders correctly. Your target should be a specific point and not a general area.

  1. Proper golf shoes

Golf shoes also have a role to play when setting up. They help provide the necessary traction when your swing. Get golf shoes that fit comfortably and offer sufficient traction.

  1. Bend right arm for a better backswing

This can be quite hard, but it is important. Golf coaches recommend that your right hand have a slight elbow bend.

  1. Soften your left arm

At address, soften your left arm to avoid a closed club face or an open club face through impact. If the left arm is not in the correct position, your shot will be poor.

If you are the beginner in golf sports then above tips will be helpful to make proper setup in your game, learn and improve your skills by our latest blog post on Golf sports, Golf Club Shipping, Golf Travel, Golf Vacation etc..

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