Improve your Short and Chipping Game

Are you having trouble with your handicap score? If you are, then this article is meant for you. Improving your short and chipping game is the best way to improve your game, especially when you are not very good with the driver.

15 tips helps to improve your short and chipping game

  1. Let your hands lead the way

When you are trying to chip the ball, you want the angle of the clubface to be leaning towards the ball at impact. This way the ball loft when you hit it during your downward stroke.

To achieve this swing, you should let your hands lead the way. One trick is to position the ball further back in your stance.

  1. Always hinge your wrist when doing chip shots

Due to positioning of the ball further back, you have to adjust your swing to ensure that your club does not get grounded.

A hinged wrist will allow your clubface to impact the ball on your descending swing and clear above the grass on your follow through.

  1. Put more weight on your leading leg

Chip shots do not require as much power as tees. Therefore, body movements are less exaggerated. With your body weight forward, you are in a better position to maintain your balance during the follow through which adds accuracy to your shots.

  1. Minimize your club usage

It is most likely that you are not in the range all day every day like the pros. Therefore, you have less time to practice your short game. To get the most out of the experience, try and perfect using only one or two clubs when playing the short game and even when chipping. You can learn to use the same wedge for bump and runs as well as flop shots.

  1. Pick your target

Although it’s obvious that you want your ball to land on the green, you need to pick exactly where you want it to land. Having a specific target will help you improve your chances of landing on the green. If you are aiming for a sloped putting surface, aim for the lower side of the hole. It is easier to putt up stream than downwards.

  1. Aim further from the hole

This is a trick that might just decrease your score even further. When paying the short game, you should target a spot past the hole. This way your shot has a chance of making it into the hole. If it doesn’t, it will still be on the green which is still a good outcome.

  1. Aim for the green

Some holes are placed right next to the rough or next to a sand bunker. If you don’t want the embarrassment of hitting one chip shot after the other, you should not aim for the hole. Just focus on getting your ball onto the green where it is easier to putt.

  1. Utilize the full movement of pitch shots

The short distance of a pitch can cause you to abandon your body turn and follow through. However, if you want to make accurate pitch shots, these movements are important. You just have to reduce your power.

  1. Aim for a loft in pitch shots

Getting the ball to loft higher ensures that it will not roll too far from your target. Therefore when making a pitch shot, aim for a higher loft that will send the ball bouncing onto the green.

  1. Don’t involve your wrists when pitching

You might end up thinning the shot when you involve your wrists too much. Instead, try and have a stiff wrist and pitch with your arms.

  1. Address flop shots with an open clubface

When hitting flop shots, your club face should be open at address. This means that it should point at the target. During the swing, ensure that the face slides below the ball to give if more loft.

  1. Commit to the flop shot

Flop shots are scary for many golfers. They fear that committing to the shot might cause them to hit their balls further from the green. However, you should slam the club on the ground to ensure that you get the clubface below the ball for maximum loft.

  1. Soften your grip on chips

Having a soft grip on your club gives you better control over your power. It also allows you to direct the ball towards the target. The soft grip will also help you hinge your wrists during the shot.

  1. Practice chips with an extended shaft

If you want to get better at chip shots, you have to maintain a good follow through with your arms.  An extended shaft is the best practicing tool. Clip the extended shaft onto your club and ensure that it does not hit your body on the forward swing.

  1. Hinge your wrist for a bump-and-run

For a bump-and-run shot, you are looking to lob the ball and let it bounce on the green. Hinging your wrist will help you achieve that small initial loft that gets the ball onto the green.

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