How to Improve your Accuracy and Distance in Golf Game?

The best way to know if you have become a good golfer who can compete with the best in the sport is if you are able to effectively combine power and accuracy in a shot. The power of a shot determines the distance the golf ball will travel while accuracy commands the direction of the ball. Well, saying it and doing are two different things. It becomes quite hard to combine these two when you get on the golf course. Here are some tips by Golf Overnight that will help improve your accuracy and distance.

Expert Tips to Increase your Accuracy in Golf

  1. Master the fundamentals of a good shot

When you have the fundamentals of a good swing on your fingertips and apply them on your swing, you will definitely hit the ball much further. Many golfers tend to ignore the basics, yet they are the most important things to know. Master the basics, and you will notice the results yourself.

  1. Choose the right club

The kind of club you use has a great impact on the quality of your game. The club matters a lot with regards to increasing the distance and the accuracy of your shot. Ensure you pick the right club for the right job. Know when to use the driver, hybrid, irons or the wedges. Also, pick a club that is of the right length, in good condition and one that you are most comfortable with.

  1. Improve your hip rotation

If you want to improve the distance of your shot, work on improving your hip rotation. This is because the speed at which your hips swing determine the distance your swing will cover. Lower speed of hip rotation will result in poor performance.

  1. Do exercise and warm up before you hit the golf course

Doing exercise when you are away from the golf course is important and plays a great role in improving your hip speed. Also, it is important for you to warm up before going for a golf round if you want to perform better. This is one aspect many golfers ignore not knowing that it works against their shot distance and accuracy.

  1. Turn your shoulders fully when you swing

During your backswing, ensure that you get your shoulders back to behind the ball. This will help maximize the power of the shot allowing you to drive the ball much further.

  1. Tee the ball higher

The best players in the game always tee the ball higher, and they always achieve the desired yardage. Teeing the ball higher encourages an upward hit thus increasing the ball launch.

  1. Increase your loft

Increasing the loft of your golf club allows you to balance speed, backspin, and the launch angle. The high loft results in more ball impact and hence more power transmission. Given that you will be in control of the launch angle and the speed, you will be able to achieve more distance and control the direction of the ball.

  1. Change your golf ball

Even the nature of your golf balls will determine how effective your shot will be. If your ball is worn out, the impact on the surface will not be optimal and chances of the ball shifting direction are high. A new ball provides you more yardage and accuracy.

  1. Wear the right shoes

When investing in golfing gear, do not forget the shoes. Proper golf shoes will help provide you with more stability by preventing you from skidding and shifting as you swing. If you are comfortable in your golf shoes, your golf game will definitely improve.

  1. Proper stance

If your stance is good, you will be able to achieve more stability, distance, and accuracy. Your feet should be slightly wide and your body slightly behind the tee. This will give you a more effective swing path and a clear view of how the club head ascends upon impact. Getting into the right stance requires you to make adjustments, but once you get it right, you will notice an improvement in your shot accuracy.

  1. Maintain a good grip

A good grip gives you command of the club. A good grip prevents you from making an early release that affects the distance and accuracy of the shot. For more distance, ensure your grip is much higher towards the end of the handle.

  1. Be flexible

Your hands and knees need to be free to allow for proper power transmission. While you should have a solid grip on the club, it should not limit the flexibility of your hands and wrists.

  1. Take an extra club

Golfers lose accuracy by swinging too hard. Ensure you take plenty of club to prevent yourself from attempting to swing too hard.

  1. Control your weight

The rule for weight control is that you shift your weight to the trailing side through downswing and follow through.

  1. Confidence

Confidence is another factor that contributes to accurate shots and more yardage. It sounds pretty simple, but a little confidence works wonders. However, you must first practice consistently as confidence alone without practice will not deliver the desired results

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