How to Ship Golf Clubs to Hotel – 10 Tips

Most golfers love traveling with their clubs when going to foreign destinations. It gives them the opportunity to experience a different golf course. The experience can be quite exhilarating. However, it can be quite stressful.

Shipping the golf clubs is difficult in terms of both safety and the expenses incurred. You will require these tips to ensure that your experience is flawless. Study them intensely. It will make it easy for you to ship golf clubs to your next hotel destination.

  1. Find a Good Shipping Firm

There are numerous options available to you when you want to ship golf clubs to a hotel. One of the options is to use a shipping company. However, not all shipping companies offer the same quality of service.

Take time to review each shipping service. You should ensure that you consider more factors apart from cost. Look at other factors such as guarantees and insurance cover. One shipping company that offers value for money is Golf Overnight. Try their service to get value for your money.

In most cases, it is good to find a company that specializes in shipping golf clubs. A general courier service may not appreciate the unique challenges that a golfer needs to overcome when shipping their clubs.

  1. Provide a Check-in Date

When you use a shipping company, it is important to give them the check in date. Thus, it allows them to plan for the shipment effectively. Additionally, it allows for holding at the hotel.

The hotel may hold the package especially in cases where you indicate that you will arrive later than when the packages arrives. It helps to reduce the confusion at the hotel since they know the guest is yet to arrive.

  1. Check with the hotel

When you plan to ship your golf clubs to the hotel, you need to call and confirm if it is possible. Hotels have different policies that guide how they receive packages. In some hotels, packages are only received at designated points.

It is important to have this information as it could lead to the package being stuck in limbo when hotel staff declines to pick a package due to improper delivery.

  1. Place a shipping Label Inside

During transportation, the shipping label could be torn off. Besides that, it could be ruined by a spillage. The result is that the delivery information becomes inaccessible.

If you have a label inside the package, it could eliminate such problems. Make sure the label is affixed to a certain point inside. It ensures that movement does not damage it during shipping.

  1. Remove Old Addresses from Boxes You Reuse

Some people assume that the shipping company workers will know which label is new and which is old. However, for the fellow working at the shipping office, it can be quite a challenge. He or she may not have enough time to check each label on the box carefully.

Just rip off any old labels. If that is not possible, affix the new label on top of the old one. Ensure that no details can be seen from the old label. It helps to avoid the package being shipped to the wrong destination.

  1. Wrap All the Sharp Points

Some golf clubs may be too sharp to transport safely. If you feel that the golf clubs could damage the golf bag, you should wrap them properly. It will help you avert the problem of one of them poking a hole in your bag, which may be a rental.

  1. Use a Double Walled Box

The golf clubs could be so heavy that using a double walled box is the only way to ensure they arrive safely. Besides ensuring safety, it makes it easy to handle the package. Another benefit is that the people working at the shipping company have an easy time handling the box.

  1. Check for Offers

Sometimes shipping companies have loyalty programs for members who use their service often. It is important to check if you qualify for any of these offers. It could help you save lots of money in the process. One example of a shipping discount program is the weight discount program offered by FedEx.

  1. Choose a Water Proof Box

A waterproof box ensures that your expensive golf clubs remain in mint condition during travel. It is especially important if your destination is a place of high humidity. The humidity could damage their luster especially since the clubs are in a closed space with no room to lose excessive moisture.

  1. Use a pickup Service

A pickup service is important if you are not able to take the package to the shipping company’s office. Although it may cost you a bit more to use a pickup service, it offers you great convenience.


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