How to Cure the Slice?

Hitting a slice is never fun on the golf course. The ball rarely travels far, and it is usually very difficult to control the direction. Things usually become worse, particularly for amateur golfers, when they try to fix their slice on their own because they do not know the right techniques to use as the cure. If you are one of the golfers with a slice problem, Golf Overnight Shipping Company has highlighted these tips that you can reference to help cure your problem.

Follow the Tips to Cure The slice

  1. Get the right driver

Your equipment could be your problem. It is recommended that you assess your equipment first before you hit the course. Pick a driver that has the right loft and that you are comfortable with.

  1. Align your body properly

This is a common mistake committed by golfers who struggle with slicing. It is important that you do not open your stance too wide as a wide stance will force the swing path to cut in an out-to-in manner along the target line. The result is the ball getting more slice spin. As such, ensure that your shoulders are properly aligned, and your feet are square for a perfect swing path.

  1. Aim properly

This is a buildup of the first step of aligning your body properly. When your shoulders and the feet are positioned correctly, you are probably going to hit the ball straight and towards the right direction. You also get to close the club face properly and hence better shots.

  1. Loosen your grip

Most amateurs think that by holding the golf club with a tight grip, they will have more control of their swing. The results are not usually what they hope for. When your grip is too tight, your fist rotation and flexibility is limited. This will limit you from making any adjustments as you swing resulting in a slice. As such, ensure that your grip is loosened a bit to give you more flexibility.

  1. Split your grip

One of the best ways to ingrain proper rotation of the wrist is by splitting your grip. You can attain this by maintaining your top hand in its normal position but lower the other hand down slightly. This should let you feel how your wrist should rotate. learn more how correct way to grip golf club.

  1. Strengthen your grip position

The space between your index finger and your thumb should be such that it creates a V-shape and it should be pointing towards the shoulder that is trailing.

  1. Tilt your shoulders

Tilting your shoulders will help you have a proper swing path. Tilting your shoulders away from the direction of your target will encourage the body to take the club to the inside and slightly backward. Straight shoulders are more likely to result in you swinging away from the target line. You will end up swiping across the ball giving it more slice spin.

  1. Move the ball up

The position of the ball will determine how you hit it. Even with all the basics right, you will still end up slicing if you do not position the ball correctly. The club usually moves from open to square and then to close quite fast. If the ball is far back, it will be impacted with an open clubface, and that will result in a slice. Moving the ball up will help you hit it square.

  1. Close your stance

A closed stance encourages a better swing path that eliminates a slice. You should swing along your body line as that will give the ball a big and solid push. Repeat this several times and then revert to your normal stance.

  1. Proper weight shift

Most players underrate the impact that weight shift has on their slice. As you swing, your weight should be shifting from your leading foot to your trailing foot. This will help you square your club hence proper impact.

  1. Rotate your hips

Sliding hips are a common cause of slice shots. Rotating your hips will help you properly shift your body alignment to allow for proper impact on the ball. It will also help avoid an overactive lower body. read more how to fix your slice.

  1. Avoid the chicken wing

A chicken wing is where you get your left hand off the right position by lifting your left elbow from its proper position and out. It takes time to practice and get used to this.

  1. Practice over short distances first

Trying to hit long range shots correctly even before you have perfected your short range shot will work against you. Try out shots that require less power first and increase the yardage as you improve.

  1. Follow through

If you haven’t been concentrating on the follow through, you should start doing so if you want to cure your slice. The follow through should be towards the target direction.

  1. Proper swing path

The swing path is the main problem when it comes to slicers. The importance of the same cannot be emphasized further. If you want to cure your slice, focus on maintaining a proper swing path for all the shots you take.

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