FedEx Golf Shipping Charges

How Much does it Cost to Ship Golf Clubs with FedEx?

FedEx is one of the world’s best shipping companies that can help you transfer your golf clubs to any of your desired locations. Many golfers hire its services when they want to visit another place for a holiday or golfing tournaments. Probably, you are would like to know the charging price of FedEx before trying it, but not aware of where to seek such information. Here is a detailed overview of what you budget for if you would like to have the FedEx transport your golf clubs to the destination of your choice.

The Charges

Anyone interested in using the FedEx, especially for the first time is likely to seek for an answer to the How much does FedEx charge for shipping golf clubs?” The precise answer to this question depends on how fast and far you would want the FedEx to ship your golf clubs. Usually, you have to provide them with that information before receiving a price quote for the transaction. For example, the FedEx charges about $50-$65 for the shipment of a standard set of golf clubs (FedEx’s Ground package- this does not include insurance or a pick up fee). That piece is sufficient for it to handle your from Los Angeles to New York, and it will take a maximum of four days for the delivery.

In general, FedEx is touted to provide the best pricing when shipping ground golf clubs such as the slow boat. Unfortunately, other shipment companies could offer more competitive services that ensure quicker delivery. In other words, FedEx is the best in pricing, but not in quickness. For example, FedEx’s Express shipping will cost you about $245 to have your golf clubs reach the desired destination in three days. Overnight and two-day shipping would demand $429 and $355, respectively. The bad news for FedEx is that some shipping companies charge less than this value.

In general, FedEx offers about four services – Overnight, Express, Two-Day, or Ground packages – and they charge different prices. FedEx can fetch your golf clubs from office, hotel or home if you want it to, but that service will cost you extra $4. The best move towards seeking this service is to acquire a FedEx account number, which you can use to order for at-home pickups and ship the clubs at any speed you want- Overnight, Express, Two-Day, or Ground package. With the FedEx’s account number, you are eligible to apply for the FedEx’s “Weight Discounts program,” which entitles you to up to 25 percent discounts for the shipments of heavy golf clubs. Read previous blog How to Ship Your Golf Clubs like The Pros

You can still order an at-home pickup without a FedEx’s account number, but the only option you have for shipping your golf clubs is the Express package. If you do not have a box or golf travel bag to pack your clubs, FedEx can sell you a box for packing them, including other materials. FedEx sells two types of boxes – the standard one which goes for $17.99, and the “fragile” one, made of a stronger cardboard, going for $24.99. Both of them are 15”x15”x48″ in size. Since you can get package boxes for fewer prices than those charged by the FedEx, you should explore other options first.

Besides using the post office (P.O. boxes), FedEx will help you ship your golf clubs to very many parts of the world. The company offers its shipment services to any part of the North America as well as any other industrialized and populated region of the globe. For example, the FedEx’s point of reference is the New York, and it will charge you about $500 if you need it to ship your golf clubs to the United Kingdom.


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