How to Hit Long Irons Consistently?

Long irons are the most dreaded on the golf course. They send chills down the spine even of the best golfers in the world. This is because long irons are very hard to control and master. However, this does not mean that they cannot be mastered and tamed. If you have the desire to hit the long irons consistently and effectively, here are some tips by golf overnight you can reference.

Tips to Hit Long Irons

  1. Pick the right iron

The first step towards hitting better shots is selecting the right club. Pick an iron that is the right length and one that you are most comfortable with. If your clubs are worn out, you should invest in new ones. In as much as the shot mechanics matter, the status of the clubs also influences how effective a person will be on the golf course.

  1. Use a good golf ball

The nature of the golf ball also affects how the club impacts it. Do not use worn out balls when you want to hit long irons.

  1. Give yourself time

Golfers tend to struggle with the long irons because they do not give themselves sufficient time to complete their swing. As you swing, take your time, especially when transitioning, to allow the lower part of your body to rotate towards the direction of the target. Rushing will only sacrifice the power of the shot.

  1. Do not force the shot

Long irons might send chills down your spine. This should, however, not get you disoriented and make your force the shot. Most of the times golfers get concerned with the quality of their shot which makes the try to generate more power. For a better shot, trust that your swing will generate the power needed without you trying to add extra help.

  1. Take the club back low

For you to hit longer irons, take the club back and low on your backswing. This is because the long length of irons requires a sweeping motion as compared to other clubs that require a smooth swing. Take it back low and slow for the first few feet and have the club shaft facing towards the direction of the target line. This deliberate takeaway action helps promote a swing that is smooth and shallow hence suitable for long irons.

  1. Maintain proper posture

In as much as you will be hitting for a longer distance, it is still important that you maintain the correct posture for better and consistent results. The same posture required for other shots is the same for long irons.

  1. Use your whole body for smashing

Hitting long irons requires that you get more contact with the ball when the force of impact is highest. Using your whole body to smash is a great way to achieve the desired contact and drive the ball over a longer distance. It is important to finish your swing as that will ensure that all the power is delivered to the ball.

  1. Do not help the ball rise up

A common mistake among golfers when hitting long irons is that they try to help the ball get up in the air. The result is usually a short, fading shot. When hitting, ensure your body is rotating, your weight properly shifts, and you have the right grip on the club. The height and distance will come automatically.

  1. Make a full backswing

When you don’t make a full backswing, you will swing the club steeply into the ball. Having the appropriate shoulder turn for a complete backswing is important.This will allow you to take a level strike and not hit it thin.

  1. Get the ball closer to you

Set up closer to the ball and have a proper grip of the golf club. Getting the ball closer to you will help you get a solid contact with the ball.

  1. Take more clubs

Another problem with golfers who try to hit the long irons is that they never take enough club. It is recommended to take extra club and use less power while maintaining a shorter finish.

  1. Sweep into contact

Again, focus on maintaining a sweeping motion with your body swinging for better shots. The ball has to be slightly forward but at the center of your stance and your arc must be shallow. It will be hard at first, but when you hit it consistently, you will be good at it.

  1. Make a divot

Tiger woods thinks taking a divot is an integral part of perfect golf swings as it will ensure the shot is perfect. You can achieve this by hallowing your backswing out. This sets up a long and thin divot and also helps your knuckles turn through impact.

  1. Confidence

A little confidence goes a long way in ensuring you hit quality shots. Get the basics right and trust your swing.

  1. Practice Practice Practice

Long irons are hard to hit and that means you have to invest a lot of time practicing if you want to be perfect.

Keep practice above tips at your golf club to long hit iron consistently, if you need any help regarding golf sports or you learn something new in Golf. read our latest golf blog or ask you query here in our comment box.

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