Basic Guidelines of Golf for Beginners

To the uninitiated, golf can seem to be a very complicated sport. The rules can seem overwhelming, not to mention all the different types of clubs you have to use. Besides that, there is the golf lingo: bogeys, birdies, etc. At Golf Overnight, we understand all the terms and the lingo. That is where this normal person’s guide comes in. If you are just a normal person, who has no clue about golf, our aim is to steer you in the right direction. Read on to learn about some basics of golf.

10 Golf Basics for A Normal Person

  1. Understand How to Grip Clubs

Most people who have never played golf grab the club like a bat. It may seem unnatural at first, but there is a way to grab the golf club. Take the club in your lead hand, which is the hand closest to the hole. The thumb should run along its top, pressing the club downward. Now take the other hand and ensure that its pinky finger interlocks with the pointer finger of your lead hand. Ensure that the thumb of this hand also runs on along the top of your club.

  1. The Posture And Approach

The most important aspect of your approach, how you stand in front of the ball, is your comfort. Ensure that your knees are slightly bent, your upper bodies slightly leaning over, and arms in front but not extended too much. The feet need to be shoulder width apart. The ball also needs to bepositioned in the middle of the front and back foot.

  1. The Golf Swing

The swing is divided into three steps: the takeaway, impact, and follow-through. If you are just getting started, ensure that your feet stay planted during the takeaway and impact stages. The head and upper body should not move. As the club comes back, try to maintain the lead arm in a straight position. Rotate the hips so that the weight transitions to the back foot. When coming down from impact, the hips should rotate forward as the weight shifts to the lead foot. Maintain eye contact with the ball and keep the hips rotating. At the end of the shot, the upper body should be facing the hole.

  1. Make Optimal Use of the Range

Before going to the golf course, ensure that you master the basics. Each session on the range should entail about 50 balls. Besides that, ensure that it lasts about half an hour. To get the most out of it, do at least two practice swings with each ball before taking your shot. When on the range, ensure that your mind is focused on improving your game.

  1. Use Short, Lofted Clubs for Practice

During practice, you should ensure that you use short clubs with plenty of lofts. These clubs will encourage you to develop a good posture and better ball striking. Seeing a good high ball flight is a great way to boost your confidence. If the club has too little loft, it will encourage you to develop a destructive scooping action to get balls in flight.Guides

  1. Do Not Start with The Driver

If you are new to golf, do your practice sessions using a pitching wedge. With time, move through your clubs and master each one as you go. The driver is the most difficult to master. If you begin with it, your confidence could suffer a lot. It is recommended that you only touch it after at least 18 months of playing golf.

  1. Begin at a Par 3 Course

A Pat 3 course allows you to develop a clear understanding of golf. At such a course, you will not have to spend long hours every day trying to locate your balls. As a result, you will have more time to hone your short-game skills.

  1. Learn Golf Etiquette

Even though you are new to golf, you do not want to embarrass yourself on the course. Golf is a sport that has centuries of well-crafted traditions, and most of them are still alive today. The most basic is that you should always be considerate of those around you. For instance, it may not be wise to take five practice swings while there are others waiting to play. Additionally, ensure that you learn the specific etiquette at the club where you will be playing.

  1. Get Some Lessons

Golf lessons are quite affordable, and you should consider getting a few from a professional trainer. Trying to impress your buddies after reading a few tips online may backfire on you. Lessons will also allow you to learn how to play golf in the right manner. That way, you do not pick up some bad habits, which can be quite difficult to drop.

  1. Dress for Comfort

Ensure that you choose the right clothes while on the golf clubs. While you want to look great, you will also need to feel great as well. Do not wear clothes that could hinder your ability to make the perfect shot on the course. Today, there are many companies, which manufacture clothes made from breathable fabric, designed for use on the course.

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