What to Get for Your Favorite Golf Buddy This Black Friday?

Black Friday is around the corner, and virtually everything will sell at a discount. For golf lovers, this is the best time to buy a fellow golf lover the ultimate gift to sweeten the game for him/her. The list of things available for offer is endless, and some of the options will tempt you to spoil yourself too.

Wondering what to get for your favorite golf buddy this Black Friday? Here are some tips from Golf Overnight that will leave him/her with a smile. Alternatively, if you want to get them something that you know for definite that they haven’t got and will guarantee laughs from family and friends, then you might want to consider custom your own bobbleheads for ideas.

Buy Top 10 Golf Gift for Your Golf Buddy on this Black Friday Sale

  1. TomTom Golfer GPS Watch Black

This GPS watch is designed specifically for golfers. It is designed to improve a golfer’s accuracy, and its sleek design also improves their appearance.

This GPS watch is capable of measuring long distances, thus coming in handy when determining how far to hit the ball. For instance, you can measure the distance to a hazard and adjust your switch accordingly. It has a 3600 yardage coverage, so you have all your positions covered. It especially comes in handy for helping amateurs improve their accuracy.

  1. Under Armour Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Under Armour identifies itself as the pioneer of base layer technology. Without a doubt, their sports wear is among the best in the market. This long-sleeve t-shirt, in particular, will put that special someone in your mind in comfort throughout the game in all weathers – it is also good looking.

  1. Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoes

The Adidas TOUR360 golf shoe is designed for utmost comfort when on the golf course. It feels good as the inside is soft and plush.

  1. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat

Putting is one of the most important skills – it separates pros from amateurs. Understandably, putting is not easy to master. If you have a beginner golfer having trouble with his/her putting, then this is the ideal gift for them this Black Friday.

This putting mat is made of a blend of plastic and rubber to mimic the natural texture of the golf course. It is small enough to spread in the house or the backyard, but it also offers ample space to train.

  1. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Be sure to get yourself a dozen of these soft golf balls as you buy some for your friend – they are the best golf balls you’ve hit so far.

These golf balls feature a 3-piece construction that comes with a compression of 65. It is also fitted with a SoftCore. The low compression, coupled with the SoftCore, allows the ball to deform upon impact and retain its shape soon after to maximize impact and speeds.

  1. Taylor-Made San Clemente Cart Bag

Golf carts don’t come better than this. This golf cart features 8 pockets for holding all your golf clubs. The top is wide and features a 14-way divider. Additionally, there is a velour-lined valuable pocket on the outside where you can keep personal valuables such as phones and car keys. Finally, there is an umbrella sleeve for rainy days and external putter for convenience.

  1. Taylor-made Men’s R15 460 Black Driver

Keep in mind that this is not exactly the ideal gift for an amateur – it is more suited for pros, like that friend who makes you look bad on the greens. It is undoubtedly one of the best drivers in the market, and it does wonders for improving accuracy.

This driver is designed to effect the lowest spin in the market. It goes a long way in helping to improve the clubhead’s stability, thus giving the golfer greater control. It gives the player 21 different settings, unlike the limited manufacturer’s settings.

  1. Wilson Men’s 2015 Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Standard

This is perhaps the best gift for a golf beginner. It is a set of the most frequently used golf clubs. It comes with virtually every club that a beginner would need to get started: 4-hybrid, 3-wood, 5-pitching wedge, a putter, and all the standard irons. All the golf clubs in the package are of good quality and suitable for anyone under 6’2’’.

This package comes in a standard stand-bag with straps. As such, you can carry it on your back and plant it on the ground as you move around the golf course.

  1. Giwox Golf Clubs Cleaner

If you are on a budget, then go with the Giwox Golf Clubs Cleaner. It is a handy tool for keeping the golf clubs in shape. It has a sharp wire at the front to dislodge stubborn dirt, wire brush for thorough cleaning, and any lon brush for polishing.

  1. Casa Del Mar Golf Resort & Spa

There is no better gift for golfers that a short vacation in a golf resort and spa club. It sounds tempting, but also expensive, right? However, Los Cabos is offering up to 50% off for bookings made between November 25 and November 28. That’s not all, as guests who stay for three days or more will get discounts on foods and beverages.

The greens there are lush and inviting. They are located adjacent to the sea for a relaxing view as you play, and you are welcome to retire to the spa when you are done for the day.

Black Friday is the great sale to shopping for you and your friend’s, if you are thinking to buy some best gifts for your golf buddy then above list of items is good for you, Shop best gift today and give surprise to your friends.

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