What Golf Gift you Can Give your Father on their Special Occasion?

Perhaps your father is a huge golf fan, and also a golfer. There is no better way to thank him and make him feel appreciated than by getting him a golf-inspired gift. Whether it is his birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas or Father’s Day, your father will be feeling the love if you try some of the gift ideas below.

15 Amazing Golf Gift for your Father

  1. A Swing Tracker

This is a definite way to help your father improve his golf skills. Thanks to technology, there are several golf trackers on the market that provide GPS locations and a detailed analysis of each swing. One of the trackers available on the market is the Zepp Swing tracker. It is light weight, and easy to attach to a glove during practice. This tracker automatically breaks down the club plane, the hand plane, backswing, tempo, hip rotation, a 3D and video analysis, and shows the consistency.

  1. A Practice Club

A practice club or a golf swing trainer will help your father kick off a few strokes off his handicap from home. There are several. A good practice club should help your father improve his flexibility, tempo, strength, and coordination. One of the popular golf swing trainers on the market today is the Orange Whip.

  1. A New Golf Bag

Well, nothing speaks golf more than a classy golf bag to carry the clubs in. Several bags are in the market, and you could easily get one that meets your father’s taste. The bag should be light enough to carry around and have enough padding for comfort. There are plenty of bags to choose from, and Golf Digest attempted to feature some of the bags worth a second glance.

  1. Golf Shoes

Golf should perhaps be a way of life, because the culture has held on, and will continue to hold on. Every golfer knows the type of shoes he can wear to the game, and you could surprise your father with some of the latest shoes in the market. Some of the brands that came up at the top are ECCO Cool, Adidas Powerband Boa Boost, Under Armour Spieth One, FootJoy HyperFlex II, Skechers Go Golf Pro II and much more.

  1. A Practice Green for the Office

We have seen this in the movies, and no one should stop you from making it a reality. Get a little green that your father can practice on when trying to relax at the office and brainstorm. Office Golf is a great way to spend a lunch or coffee break, and a definite way of refreshing the mind.

  1. A Set of Customized Tees

Let your father carry around his own tees, with little messages of inspiration or love. The tees can be of any color, and you don’t have to be afraid of bold colors. The tees are an affordable gift, that will not only show love but help your father during his game.

  1. A Golfer’s Multitool

This is a simple tool, easy to carry that does it all. It has a pocket knife, a small brush to clean balls, a ball marker, a removable pen and can be easily added to a set of keys.

  1. A Set of Whiskey Stones

This has been in the market for a while, but if your father loves his drinks, this is a great golf gift that will remind him of your love. The whiskey stones can be shaped as little golf balls, always reminding him of his next game.

  1. A Golfer’s Shirt

We all know that golf requires a special dress code, and getting your father extra shirts to wear will help him with his game. The best part is that you get to choose the design and style him up for his friends to admire. Numerous T-shirts are in the market today, all striving to provide comfort to golfers in the sunny weather.

  1. A Portable Speaker

He might not say it, but your father probably gets bored with the silence in the course. A speaker will help him listen to his favorite music when moving from hole to hole, and easy to carry around. Some of the speakers, such as the BL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, are suitable for golf courses, especially near water hazards.

  1. A GPS Watch

Most of the golf apps available on the market are compatible with smart watches. A watch is a safer option because your father could easily crack his phone screen during a game. The watch will display different yardages, weather, the scores, and distances on the green. Look through the internet and choose the watch that best suits your father.

  1. A Book

Many fathers love to read, and you can easily order a golf book for them to enjoy. Famous players, such as Tiger Woods have published books, which are inspiring golfers across the world. Your father might not become a professional golfer, but it would be nice to push him to improve his game.

  1. Sunglasses

It is easy to forget that golf is suitable for the sunny weather, and your father will always need a pair of fashionable sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun.

  1. Gloves

Various brands are producing stylish and comfortable gloves for all golfers to wear. Find out your father’s favorite brand and order the latest pair for him to wear.

  1. Baseball Cap

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a trendy baseball cap in the sunny weather.

Father always do for us, this time is your chance to give something special for your father, if your father is Golf lover then here is the surprising gift for you. Buy today and make memorable day for your dad.

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