Amazing Golf Gadgets That Will Improve Your Game in 2017

Golf is a very conservative game that has remained largely unchanged for years. Aspects such as course design and game play have seen very few changes since the golf was created. The area that has changed the most has been the golf gear and gadgets. Golf clubs now have better deign and ergonomics to suit different people. Golf gadgets are slowly becoming the best aid for beginners and pros to improve their game. Golf Overnight has compiled this list of gadgets that will help you reduce your handicap. Most of these gadgets can only be used during your recreational play time.

Top Golf Gadgets for Beginner

  1. Golf watch

Golf watches have become popular with golfers who want to reduce their handicap. The watch has a GPS tracking unit that measures how far you are from the green. Most of the GPS golf watches come pre-loaded with maps of tens of thousands of golf courses worldwide. This means that the watch will work even when you are on a golf trip in another country.

Some of the golf watches also act as fitness trackers. Golfers looking to lose some calories while teeing off will love this gadget.

  1. Laser rangefinder

For most traditional golfers, using lasers in the field might sound like science fiction. However, laser rangefinders are useful for helping golfers get an accurate pinpoint on the pin.

You might be pondering why you would need a rangefinder when you already have a smart golf watch that gives you all this information. The laser rangefinder is more precise with accuracy variations of less than a yard. Some even have a terrain analysis feature that helps you adjust your game to suit those sloped greens.

  1. Glove mounted swing analyzer

Zepp Golf is famous for making the glove mounted swing analyzers. These gadgets attach to your golfing glove and collect data to help you improve your swing. The sensor tracks factors such as swing speed, plane, and tempo. It also tracks your hip rotation and backswing position.

What’s more, this gadget ismultipurpose, and it can be used for other games too such as tennis and baseball. Just download the right application for your sport and pair it.

  1. Club mounted sensor

Club mounted sensors are almost similar to the glove swing analyzers. However, the club sensor gives you more information relating to your club swing and address. You get information such as club lean at impact, theangle of address and the club’s loft. You will also get data about your swing plane and speed.

The sensors send the data collected to an app on your phone or to a golf smart watch.

  1. Shot tracker

A shot tracker keeps score of your shots on the course. Shot trackers usually come as a pack of sensors that you attach onto your clubs and one for you to carry on you.

The tracker will then keep track of the clubs you use and where you take your shots through GPS tracking.

You can then use this data to track your club use and find which clubs you are good with and which part of your game needs practice.

  1. Golf club grips

Do you have the fear that your swing will send your golf club flying onto the fairway? Worn out golf grips affect many golfers’ game play by forcing them to restrain their power when swinging rest they decapitate someone on the course.

Replacing your golf grips at least once a year helps your grip remain strong allowing you to go all out.

  1. Radar golf system

Nothing is more annoying than spending half of your golfing session looking for your balls. This is a predicament that usually begets beginners most often. However, with the radar golf system, you don’t have to worry about where your ball lands.

The system comes with special golf balls that have microchips in them. You also get a handheld tracker so that you can walk straight to where your ball landed.

  1. Customizable drivers

If you are looking for a driver which you can fine tune in time, the customizable drivers are for you. These drivers come fitted with adjustable weights that you can move around to adjust the driver’s center of gravity.  These clubs make it easy for you to adjust the trajectory of your balls.

  1. Golf simulator

Golf simulators are usually just for indoor fun when you can’t get to the course. The simulator is built more like a video game with the club as the joy stick.

Golf simulators are optimized to mimic the real experience. They are especially useful for absolute beginners to learn the basics and the rules.

  1. Pocket ball washer

This gadget is especially useful when you are playing competitively. The ball washer comes in the form of a pouch you can use to clean your balls. Clean balls fly further and are easier to control than dirty or wet ones.

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