Why Golf Is Becoming More Popular among Millennials?

Golf has always been one of the most exclusive sports in the world—mostly exclusive to the rich, middle-aged, and elderly people, a majority of them men. However, the sport is experiencing a rise in popularity among millennials against all odds.So, what exactly is drawing millennials to golf?

Here are 17 reasons why golf is becoming more popular among millennials.

  1. Technology

Golf has been coming out of the shell and adopting new technology. For instance, Topgolf has introduced tracking chips for golf balls to evaluate factors such as speed and distance traveled. There are also simulations for golf. Naturally, millennials are attracted to new technology.

  1. Topgolf

Topgolf has become such a success that even millennials who are not interested in the game visit Topgolf facilities anyways. In the process, many millennials have become fans of golf, and some have even tried their hand in the sport.

  1. Entertainment

Golf was initially considered boring by most millennials. However, that is changing as the sport’s fan base expands and includes more and more millennials—doing something as a crowd is always fun. What’s more, entrants such as Topgolf are adding to the fun with their technology, clubs, and finger-licking menus.

  1. Better digital coverage

Golf experiences a low digital coverage when compared to other sports such as soccer. However, key parties such as PGA and Topgolf have been enhancing its digital reach both on television and online, thus attracting curious and interested millennials.

  1. Affordable

Golf has always been associated with the rich and elites. However, one does not have to be a millionaire to indulge in a round of golf today. This has made it accessible to more people of all ages, especially millennials.

  1. Some nudging

The threat to golfing is real, and it becomes more apparent with each passing year. Authorities in the sport know this, and they have been raising awareness in addition to other measures such as shortening the games. Their message has been received positively by some millennials, and some have been actually giving golf a try.

  1. Inspiration

Golf is one of the most elegant sports, and golf superstars such as Tiger Woods rank among the highest paid and most respected athletes. The PGA has been highlighting the glory of mastering the sport through its Snapchat page and Skratch TV. It often conducts interviews with golf stars and posts them on its TV and social media pages. It also posts epic golf plays by pros.

  1. Keeping it simple

Golf has always been associated with a lot of formality. In fact, some golf courses such as Augustus National Golf Club are so exclusive that some heads of states are barred from visiting. However, local golf courses are emerging everywhere in the U.S., and the simplicity and sense of freedom is proving likable by millennials.

  1. Geographical expansion

In the recent past, golf was mostly played in the West: U.S.A., UK, and Europe. However, it has been expanding its popularity to other parts of the world including Asia and Central America. Consequently, there are more people of all ages, including millennials, showing interest in the sport.

  1. Ease of learning

Golf is not complicated; all one needs is some training and practice. It has become easy to learn golf nowadays thanks to emerging technology and increased interacting among pros and amateurs. Consequently, some millennials are finding it simple and even interesting and enjoyable.

  1. Shorter games

One of the reasons why millennials consider golf to be boring is that a single game takes too long for their liking; four hours of sustained concentration can easily put off most millennials. However, the PGA is taking new measures to overcome this. For instance, Keith Pelley, the chief executive of the PGA European Tour, recently announced plans to introduce a six-hole format.

  1. Millennial events

Organizations such as Fed Ex have also been taking golf right to millennials through their sporting events. For instance, Fed Ex recently hosted a Night Golf event where university alumni were cheered on by university mascots and watched by university students.

  1. Glamour

Golf players are not typical advertisement personalities as golf has not always been popular with most people. However, big companies such as Coca-Cola and Farmers Insurance have been sponsoring golf stars such as Jordan Spieth. The relationship has worked to the benefit of both companies and Golf as it has picked the interest of most people, many of them millennials.

  1. China – always a game-changer

Did you know that golf was once banned in China? The rules, however, have eased since, but authorities still keep close watch over the sport’s development in the country. Nevertheless, golf enthusiasts have been building golf courses in the guise of open green spaces, and a majority of the young population is giving the sport a try.

  1. Curiosity

Millennials are as curious as they are innovative. The exclusivity of golf has picked the interest of some millennials, and many have given it a try just for the sake of the experience; some have become passionate golfers in the process.

  1. Crowd mentality

Any new trend that emerges among millennials is always set to grow, at least up to a point. Golfing is no exception; most millennials who have been showing interest in the sport do so because of their friends’ influence. Some of these millennials eventually become genuinely interested, but most prefer to stand on the sidelines as funs.

  1. For the challenge

Millennials are a unique generation, but they have often been criticized for always taking the easy route. In golf, for instance, the common notion is that millennials cannot master the complicated sport. This has motivated some millennials to try out the sport partly for the challenge and partly for the curiosity.

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