Finding Best Golf Vacation Destination in USA

America being home to about 45% of all the golf courses in the world, citizens have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to finding a vacation destination. Now that there are golf courses that can fit every budget, you should consider going for a golf vacation.

Here are the best destinations for US golfers highlighted by Golf Overnight.

  1. Palm Springs in California

In the midst of the desert landscape in California, you will find this resort destination. Besides the spas and the big hotels located here, it is a great destination for some golf action. The area boast of over 100 private and public golf courses that are suitable for players of all level and budgets. This is where you will find the world-renown Indiana Wells Golf Resort that has played host to some of the top golf tournaments in the world. There are also plenty of other things to do if you don’t want to do just golf. You can go on one of the American Whitewater Expeditions, go to the zoo, or vistit one of thier tennis clubs.

  1. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama

For 25 years, the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail has been an amazing golf destination for golfers from all parts of the US and the world. Other than the great weather in Alabama, you get to enjoy a collection of 468 holes in the 11 sites located in various parts of the state. The good thing is that Alabama offers an affordable golfing experience.

  1. New Orleans

What most people don’t know is that New Orleans has a great golf scene than they realize. Some of the golf courses here include the TPC Louisiana, Audubon Park and the soon to be opened Bayou Oaks Golf Course. New Orleans is a silent golf state worth considering.

  1. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is Georgia’s oldest city with so much to offer. It is well-known for the gourmet restaurants, numerous outdoor cafes and a River street along Savannah River. Other than the beauty and the food, the Savannah Harbor Golf Resort will cater for your golfing needs. It is among the top 100 golf courses in the United States and is quite affordable for any golfer.

  1. Michigan State

You will find some of the best golf courses in the United States in the northern part of Michigan; although there are other outlier golf courses in other parts of the state like the Gull Lake View Golf Club and Resort near Kalamazoo. Michigan boasts of great natural scenery that always adds a great feel to the game. There are many other points of interest in the state you could visit too while off the course.

  1. Indiana

Not quite a household name as compared to other states like Michigan, but the golf courses in Indiana are continuing to look impressive in the eyes of golfers. The top golf gateway in the state is the French Lick resort. But that is not all you will find there. There are many other courses there. That and the scenery make for a perfect golf vacation.

  1. Orlando, Florida

Orlando is not just all about Mickey Mouse. Some of the top golf courses and resorts in the world like the Villas of Grand Cypress can be found here. You can hit the golf course in the morning before having a tour of the attractions later in the day.

  1. Napa, California

The Silverado Resort and Spa in the Napa wine region should cater for your golfing needs adequately during your vacation. The resort is home to two courses offering various golfing packages. Do not forget to taste the wine before your vacation is over.

  1. Central Florida

If Orlando is not enough for you, Central Florida should do it. El Campeon at Mission Inn Resort is a favorite for many, but Winter Park Golf Course and Lakewood National do not disappoint either.

  1. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is one of the favorite destinations for golfers thanks to its beautiful scenery and even better golf courses. Here is where you’ll find the reputable Erin Hill, Sand Valley Golf Resorts, and The American Club.

  1. Hilton Head in South Carolina

This Island is known for its beaches and restaurants. Within it, there are golf courses at Sea Pines Resort. Here you will find the Heroin Point Course and several others where you can go for some golf action before enjoying the food and the beach.

  1. Monterey, California

Along the rugged Californian coast, you will find Monterey that houses the Pebble Beach Golf Resort. It is a renowned golf course worth visiting for your vacation. Various accommodation options can make your vacation classy.

  1. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs offers great outdoor experience. The Broadmoor is for the golfers. The resort has various affordable packages, accommodation, and meals to complete your vacation.

  1. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has close to 100 golf courses from where you can spend all day. Golfing options are in plenty. What you have to worry about is what of the other offerings you should leave out because Myrtle Beach is quite vibrant.

  1. Pinehurst in North Carolina

The cradle of American golf needs no advocacy. You can only be there to experience. The low population and the great golf courses guarantee you a peaceful and memorable golf vacation.

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