How You Can Deliver Better Golf Driving In Golf Game?

Golf requires a high level of accuracy. The more accurate you are the fewer shots you will have to take and, consequently, the lower your score will be. Golf driving is quite important in ensuring you keep your score low.

Golfer Tips to Make Perfect Golf Driving in your Golf Club

  1. Tee the ball high

For better driving, your tee should be on the ground only slightly and then place the golf ball on it. A high tee gives you the chance to strike the ball on the upswing. This delivers much power to the ball upon impact and thus giving you more distance.

  1. Get into the proper setup position

The correct setup position requires that your back should be straight, your legs wide, your body balanced with much of your weight being rested on your lead foot and your knees slightly bent. The correct setup position is important for all types of shots and is required when driving the ball too.

  1. Take a wide stance

Golf driving requires a lot of power to get the ball to travel the desired distance. By having your feet further apart from each other, you get more range motion. The large range motion will result in you generating and transferring more power to the shot. It is important that your weight rests on both feet and your head should be behind the ball.

  1. Place the ball higher in your stance

When you stand, ensure that the ball is aligned with the big toe of your left foot. This will allow you achieve a large swing.

  1. Use the right club

You can use the driver, the hybrid of the long irons. These clubs have been designed to help you achieve more distance when driving. They usually have wider lofts and longer shafts for proper power transmission. You, therefore, should pick a driver, hybrid or long iron that is of the right size for you and one that you are most comfortable and confident playing with.

  1. Grip the club correctly

You will be hitting the ball over a longer distance, and this requires you to have complete command of the golf club. Ensure that your grip is tight enough to prevent the club from slipping as you swing.

  1. Grip the club higher than normal

The longer the shaft, the more the power that will be delivered to the ball.This is one of the ways you can add more power to your shot. When holding the club, ensure that your hands are higher up towards the end of the handle. This will help maximize this leverage. Once you have a good grip of the golf club, make adjustments on your body to ensure you are set up correctly for the shot.

  1. Relax

One key ingredient to hitting better shots is releasing tension from your arms, waist, and muscles. You have to make sure that as you swing, your body parts are free and relaxed. When you are relaxed, your muscles are much faster allowing you to release the club through impact comfortably and consequently result in a better shot.

  1. Control your tempo and balance

For you to drive the ball further and straight, you need to control your downswing and keep it balanced. Tempo is quite important when driving the ball. By speeding up your downswing, you get to change the swing plane and your attack angle giving you more control of the direction the ball will take.

  1. Let the club work for you

Hitting the ball hard is a recipe for poor shots. You will end up hitting shots that are far from straight and over a shorter distance than you expect. Your work should be getting into the right setup position and generating power for the shot. Let the club deliver the power upon impact and drive the ball.

  1. Rotate your hips

As your swing from your backswing, through your downswing and the follow through, ensure that your hips are free to rotate. It is this free motion that allows you to hit the ball correctly and impact the ball with the most power.

  1. Use your body to power the shot

The power for driving the ball should come from your body and not your hands. Most amateur golfers tend to rely on their hands to drive the ball. This often results in the ball going high up and over as horter distance and often in the wrong direction. Your body should power your shot and not your hands.

  1. Don’t be afraid to swing

Do not hesitate to swing while focusing too much on technicalities. Once you have the right grip and in the proper stance, hit the ball directly at the center from beneath.

  1. Confidence

A little self-confidence goes a long way in generating a quality shot. Once you have set up right, hit it confidently. If you make a mistake, repeat until you get it right.

  1. Practice often

This universal rule applies to all kinds of shots in golf. Practice consistently for you to improve.

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