How to Correct Way to Grip a Golf Club?

For every round of golf, you will have to grip your club about 70 to 100 times. It is only fitting that you get it right every time. Having the correct grip will enable you to deliver the club head perfectly on its intended target. Many tips and tricks can help to get the perfect grip. Here are a few that we at Golf Overnight Shipping have prepared for you.

  1. Leave an inch from the top

One common mistake that golfers make is holding the club at the very top of the grip. This mistake causes you to lose control of the swing. It also means shots will come off the heel of the club. The club should be held at least an inch from the top.

  1. Gripping too tight

While at address, you should not feel pressure in your forearms while at address. If you can still feel pressure, it means you need to lessen your tight grip on the club. It will be very hard for you to control the direction of your shot with a tight grip.

  1. Get the right grip size

A way to test this is to grip the Golf club with the glove hand. If the fingers dig into your palm, then you have a small grip. If they are not touching the grip at all, then you the grip is too big. The wrong size will make it impossible for you to make a good shot.

  1. Place the club perfectly on the left hand

If you are a right-handed person, the golf club should be placed on the left hand. Ensure that the handle runs from the middle of the left index finger to the base of the left middle finger. After that, proceed to wrap your palm around it.

  1. You should only see two and a half knuckles

As you grip the club with your left hand, you should only be able to view two and a half knuckles. These are the bottom knuckles of the index and middle finger of your left hand.

  1. The V-shape should point in the right direction

When gripping the club, the V shape formed by the thumb and index finger of your left hand should point towards the right shoulder. If that is not the case, you will definitely make a poor shot.

  1. The pad of your right thumb should lie on the left thumb

If you are a right-handed player, it is important to ensure that the entire fleshy pad of your right thumb covers the top of your left thumb. If you do not do that, it indicates you may be holding the club too tight, which could affect your swing.

  1. The V shape of your right hand should point at your chin

Before taking the shot, ensure that the V shape made by your right thumb, and your right index finger points at your chin. If that is not so, it means the left hand is either too strong or too weak.

  1. Teach yourself about the types of golf grips

There are three types of grips known as the baseball grip, the overlapping grip, and the interlinking grip. Ensure that you choose a grip type, which is appropriate for you. Test them all until you find the right one.

  1. Look for the right texture

The amount of traction you prefer is what will determine the grip you choose. However, avoid playing with a worn-out grip, as it will make it hard for you to make accurate shots.

  1. The clubface has to be square with the ball

You can have the best grip in the world, but it will not mean much if the club face is not well aligned. Ensure that the clubface is square to the ball when you hold it in your grip. If not, take time to align it perfectly.

  1. Check for bends in your elbows

Proper grip leads to straight arms. If your arms have any bends, it is an indication that your grip has a problem. Adjust it until the elbows are straight. Even a slight bend can have a huge impact on your shot.

  1. Use the right gloves

Gloves are not a necessary part of your game. However, if you choose to use one, ensure it is the right one for you. It should not be too big or too small for your hand.

  1. Hold the club with your pads and finger

When gripping your club, pressure should come from the pads and fingers. The palms of your hands should never apply pressure to the club.

  1. Talk to a professional

If you are a beginner, you should get a professional to train you. That way, you can avoid developing bad club gripping habits that will stay with you for a long time. This can inhibit your progress as a golfer.

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