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Who Can Ship Golf Clubs

Most people know about golf club shipping companies. However, they may not be aware that these companies are not all the same. Some like Golf Overnight offer customers real value for money. It is important that you check the kind of services you will get when you choose a certain shipping company.

Why Shipping Golf Clubs Matters

Any golfer understands that the fun of playing golf is in finding a new challenge. After a while, your usual golf course starts to become dull. Thus, you will want to find some far off destination when you can have a change of air and a new experience playing golf.

One impediment to this fun may be the bulkiness of golf clubs. It makes going to your next destination quite tricky. While you could rent golf clubs at your destination, they might be unreasonably priced. Additionally, they may not meet the standards, which you expect with your high-end golf clubs.

Another impediment to you having fun is that carrying the golf clubs is itself a challenge. They are quite bulky and could easily get damaged especially if you are using a taxi to get to the airport. When you do get there safely, the shipping charges for golf clubs are quite high.

To avoid all these problems, you should consider using Golf Overnight. The company takes care of all the challenges of carrying your bulky golf clubs to their destination at a low fee. Here are among the reasons why the company is so beloved by golfers who use their services.

About the Company

Golf Overnight is among the few companies that offer quality golf shipping services at cheap price. Other providers of the service are UPS and FedEx. It ensures that the golf clubs arrive at the destination in the condition they were delivered to them. As a testament to how professional they are, the company offers some guarantees. They ensure that you can trust your golf clubs are in the safest hands.

  1. They Set High Standards

Most people assume because a company says it delivers golf clubs, it does so reliably. It is essential to read the fine print to understand what kind of service you buy. At times, you may end up ranting on social media over poor service. However, if you check a bit, you may find that it was your expectations that were set too high without researching what to expect. Some of the standards you should check include the ones listed here.

  1. They Offer On-time Guarantees

One of the qualities that you should check when choosing a shipping company is the money back guarantee. Most shipping companies have given schedules that they promise to their customers.

If the golf clubs do not arrive as promised, a company should give the client some form of monetary compensation. For instance, they may have paid to be at a golf club for only a few days. Thus, any moment during which they are not playing means their money going to waste.

With such money back guarantees, the managers of such a company are under pressure to deliver. They know that any delayed shipment could affect their bottom line negatively. Thus, they strive to ensure that everyone who works under their supervision is doing everything that they should be doing.

Well-established companies like Golf Overnight and UPS understand that. Golf Overnight is one of the few companies in the golf shipping industry that promise to give back at least $250 to all its customers. They always fulfill this promise when a shipment is delayed. It is a major reason why people love them so much.

  1. They Provide Extra Insurance

Although Golf Overnight use reliable courier services, they still want to ensure that their customers feel confident about using their service. Golf Overnight is so committed to offering its clients quality that they give extra insurance with each shipment.

The company has the option of adding up to $3,500 in insurance with each shipment you make with them. It is a service that is quite hard to find among most shipping companies. Insurance is of particular importance when golf clubs go missing or are damaged. These common issues can affect anyone. However, Golf Overnight is always prepared.

  1. Accessibility of the Company

A good club shipping company should be one that you can access in person. It should be a company with physical offices. However, that is not a guarantee of quality. An online company can be as reliable as long as they have established a good reputation. A good company also maintains communication with the client when the package is in transit.

Golf Overnight is one such company. Their entire process is quite transparent, and they are always ready to listen to any customer feedback they receive. If you desire to use one of the finest shipping companies for golf enthusiasts in Houston, TX, choose Golf Overnight.


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