Amazing Golf Gadgets That Will Improve Your Game in 2017

Golf is a very conservative game that has remained largely unchanged for years. Aspects such as course design and game play have seen very few changes since the golf was created. The area that has changed the most has been the golf gear and gadgets. Golf clubs now have better deign and ergonomics to suit[…]

Why Shipping Golf Clubs is a Relief for Golf Travel Woes?

Golf is a game that involves a lot of traveling, and that calls for you to have your golf clubs travel to your destination too. It is possible for you to travel with your golf clubs, regardless if you’re shipping your shiny new clubs or some golf clubs for beginners. However, there are many grievances[…]

What Do I Need To Know About The Luggage Claim Process?

In the unfortunate event that your golf bag gets lost, you should quickly go ahead and commence the claiming process. Carriers are responsible for handling passenger travel, and if there is a mistake on their side, they are required to compensate the affected. It is, therefore, imperative to be conversant with the claim process to[…]

10 Tips to Find your Proper Golf Stance

A full swing must take into consideration all the fundamentals required. One of the most essential, yet greatly overlooked, fundamentals of a full swing is the stance and the setup position. A golf stance is composed of several collaborative elements. These include the right stance width, the right amount of knee flex, the feet angle[…]

How you Can Ship Golf Club in The United State?

Whether you are transporting one or several golf clubs from one region to another in the United States of America, you need to know several essential things about the shipping process. It can be an irritating process to the individuals who want to take their golf clubs to a vacation for the first time. However,[…]