Top International Golf Resort for Golf Vacation

There is more to golf than just playing at your local 18-hole course. Today, golf is one of the reasons to go on a vacation. Golfing destinations have not disappointed; they have sprung up to offer vacationers who love golf an opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport while on holiday. Here are some of the[…]

Why Golfer Should Visit These Golfing Countries in Central America?

America offers vast options of golf courses. Whether you are looking for a holiday trip, work excursion or a competition center, there’s something for everyone. With an area of over 250,000 square miles, the American geography lies between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and hosts some of the world’s most fantastic golf resorts. In the[…]

10 Golf bags which is Suitable to Use in Travel

Proper preparation is essential when going for a holiday to a destination of your choice. If you need some inspiration for your next holiday, you can have a look at and see if their golf course is suited to you. You need to carry the right gear and apparatuses to survive in the new[…]

10 Best Places Where to Golf in Ireland in 2017

Ireland is listed as one of the premiere golfing destinations in the world. However, even in Ireland, there are those courses that outshine the rest as we at Golf Overnight have discovered. Here is list of the top 10 golf courses in the Ireland- Royal County Down The course is located at the foot of[…]

How to prepare and pack your Golf Luggage?

Whether you are preparing for a short vacation or a two-week golfing vacation in some exotic location, there are some things that remain constant. The right kind of advice can help to make your golfing vacation flawless and stress-free. On the other hand, without the right guidance on how to prepare and pack, your trip[…]