What is the Golf Term you Want to know?

Golf cannot be quite complete if it does not include the unique and colorful golf slangs. Golf slangs are incredible, and most can be used universally; apart from one or two that can be exclusive to specific groups or small regions. As a golfer, it is almost mandatory to familiarize yourself with these terms if[…]

How Often Does USA President Trump Play Golfing?

Virtually every U.S. president has been a fan of golfing. In fact, sometimes it seems that most presidents spend their leisure time golfing. President Donald J. Trump has not been any different. To the contrary, he has caused controversies over his ‘excessive’ indulgence in the sport. A Long-Time Fan of Golf Trump has been a[…]

Hope Solo is dabbling in golf, and the LPGA is here to help

Hope Solo is an American soccer goalkeeper who has helped her team to win at the Olympics twice and the World Cup in Women’s soccer. She currently plays for the Seattle Reign FC. Hope was the goalie for US national women’s soccer team from 2000 to 2016. She played collegiate soccer at the University of[…]

How Many Golf courses Does Donald Trump Own?

Among many other things that President Donald J. Trump is popular for, golf ranks among the most controversial. The President has come under great criticism for what is termed as his over-indulgence in the sport, especially considering that he was a scathing critic of former President Barrack Obama’s golfing tendencies. However, the truth is Donald[…]

Which Kinds of Golf Balls you should Buy?

Golf is a game of class, and every single decision you make while purchasing its gaming equipment may make or break your game. For instance, choosing the wrong golf ball may hinder you from achieving your best result. In the market today there are many types and brands of golf balls to choose. Therefore, it’s[…]

10 Golf Clubs that Hit the Farthest in 2017

If you are purchasing golf clubs this year, distance might be one of the main considerations. With so much difference in technologies from the manufacturers, it can hard to decide which golf clubs to use. In 2017, use of movable weights and custom fittings seems to be the trend. Combined with the adjustable hosel and[…]

Top 17 Golf Blogs on the Web in 2017

The internet features thousands upon thousands of golf blogs. However, some blogs stand out from the rest for their interesting and informative content while others can be misleading. So, how do you tell the best blogs from the bogus ones? Here is a review on the top 17 golf blogs to spare you the trouble[…]