What Happens When My Bags are Lost?

Golf is one of the sports that provide a wide window for players to travel to various destinations across the world. Everyone always has an exciting time getting to travel across the world, and these trips could couple as a holiday vacation. While one can look forward to an exciting time during their golf adventures,[…]

What Is The Right Way To Mark A Ball On The Green?

Marking balls on the putting green should be something relatively simple. It should not be a process, which causes too many issues with the rules. However, it is worth considering what is allowed and what is not permitted by the rules. Everyone has the favorite golf marker, some of which are quite glitzy. However, they[…]

What Are The Different Parts of a Golf Course?

Multiple factors usually influence playing golf. These include the precipitation, temperature, and even how recently you mow the grass. However, the parts of the course do not change. Each hole on a golf course has five significant parts. It is important that new golfers understand all of these parts. That is why we at Golf[…]