Top International Golf Resort for Golf Vacation

There is more to golf than just playing at your local 18-hole course. Today, golf is one of the reasons to go on a vacation. Golfing destinations have not disappointed; they have sprung up to offer vacationers who love golf an opportunity to enjoy their favorite sport while on holiday. Here are some of the[…]

Why You Should Visit at these Golf Courses during Hottest Summer Months?

Even the hot weather in summer cannot stop the wave of golf. Various golf courses have adapted to the summer conditions and are perfect to play golf from during summer. Even the clubhouses have been adapted to cope with the hot summers, and now come with air conditioning thanks to so you can unwind[…]

Why Golfer Should Visit These Golfing Countries in Central America?

America offers vast options of golf courses. Whether you are looking for a holiday trip, work excursion or a competition center, there’s something for everyone. With an area of over 250,000 square miles, the American geography lies between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and hosts some of the world’s most fantastic golf resorts. In the[…]

What Are The Different Parts of a Golf Course?

Multiple factors usually influence playing golf. These include the precipitation, temperature, and even how recently you mow the grass. However, the parts of the course do not change. Each hole on a golf course has five significant parts. It is important that new golfers understand all of these parts. That is why we at Golf[…]

How Many Golf courses Does Donald Trump Own?

Among many other things that President Donald J. Trump is popular for, golf ranks among the most controversial. The President has come under great criticism for what is termed as his over-indulgence in the sport, especially considering that he was a scathing critic of former President Barrack Obama’s golfing tendencies. However, the truth is Donald[…]

How Do You Pick The Ideal Golfing Shoe?

What you wear to the golf course is very important. Shoes, in particular, affect your movement and steadiness when getting in position to swing. As such, you should rely only on the best quality golfing shoes to avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing moments. But how do you pick the ideal golfing shoe when presented with thousands[…]