17 Ways Topgolf has Changed Golf

Topgolf is perhaps the greatest development in golf’s recent history. It has been credited with reviving golf and expanding its popularity beyond the traditional audience, Here is an overview of 17 ways Topgolf has been changing golf.

17 Ways Topgolf has Changed Golf

  1. Improving entertainment

One of the most common misconceptions about golf is that it is a boring sport. That, however, could not be further from the truth; nevertheless, most millennials and amateurs look for something more vibrant. Topgolf is sprucing things up in the sport by introducing entertaining aspects such as clubs, restaurants, and computer simulations.

  1. Bridging class barriers

Golf was once referred to as a rich man’s game; some courses and golf clubs charge exorbitantly to take in new players. However, anyone with an interest in the sport can now indulge in it as Topgolf has its doors open to everyone.

  1. Bridging age barriers

Golf was in the past associated with men, and elderly men to be precise. However, it has been evolving and Topgolf has been a catalyst in this evolution. Its innovative and laid-back approach has been instrumental in attracting younger players, thus bridging the age gap.

  1. Securing golf’s future and growth

Golf was once so exclusive that there were fears about its survival; it would persist, of course, but its popularity was so low that it as insignificant. However, Topgolf has secured its future and ensured its growth as it is continually luring more young people into the sport.

  1. Growing the fan base

Topgolf is attracting not only new players but also fans simply interested in watching the game. Unlike conventional golf courses where the audience stood around and followed players around the course, Topgolf offers comfortable seats where fans can relax while watching the game on the big screen; this, coupled with delicious foods and drinks, makes watching the game even more enjoyable.

  1. Technology innovation

Millennials and technology go hand-in-hand, and Topgolf brings the best of technology innovation to the sport. For instance, Topgolf facilities feature balls fitted with tracking chips to track aspects such as distance and speed. It also features digital interfaces where players can interact and even compete.

  1. Digital and online broadcasting

Compared to other sports such as basketball, golf does not receive enough airtime on sports channels. This, however, is changing as Topgolf is increasing the sport’s awareness on TV and on the internet through its different channels and websites.

  1. Decrypting golf

Golf may seem complicated, but it becomes simple when you learn the tricks of the game. Topgolf delves into all the basic and complex aspects such as playing guidelines and helpful tips and tricks for improved performance.

  1. Making learning cheap and easy

Topgolf is making pros out of amateurs by offering cheap lessons and connecting pros with beginners; it also offers free lessons occasionally.

  1. Bringing golfers together

Golfers in the past were a tight-knit community of individuals mostly comprising old friends and business colleagues. Today, however, strangers interested in the sport can meet and interact with ease at any Topgolf facility; this is especially convenient for amateurs looking to interact with pros.

  1. Exposing new talent

Golf is associated with a few notable names such as Tiger Woods, who has held the mantle for over a decade. However, these names are fading into the past as new talent emerges thanks in part to startups such as Topgolf; it is easier for talented but amateur golfers to improve their skills and get noted on Topgolf than it is on a conventional golf course.

  1. Boosting golf franchise

Topgolf is making millions of dollars from its ventures and its increasing revenue channels for golf franchise businesses too. For instance, there are more people buying golf equipment such as golf clubs and balls as their interest in the sport grows.

  1. Overcoming climate limitations

Golf, like most other outdoor sports, is affected by the different seasons; for instance, it is impractical to play golf outside during the winter. However, Topgolf is eliminating these limitations by investing in indoor, climate-controlled hitting bays.

  1. Challenging the norms

Golf is associated with a rigid set of unspoken rules regarding how one should dress, talk, and even move. However, Topgolf is challenging these norms as it paves way for millennials. Today, you will see players with headphones on, untucked shirts, and an easy-going and even care-free attitude.

  1. Data collection for improvement

Golfers tend to be sensitive about their privacy, and even major golf tournaments tend to reach a small audience. However, millennials are more open to scrutiny. This, coupled with the ability of the new technology to collect data such as ball speeds, is making it possible to collect data that can be used to improve the sport in the future.

  1. Expanding golf’s geographical reach

Topgolf started out in several states in the U.S. Today, however, it has spread to the U.K., Ireland, and several other nations in Europe due to popular demand. There are also petitions for it to venture into Asia, and it may eventually set up shop in Africa and the Middle East.

  1. Diluting the game?

Topgolf has been instrumental in attracting new players and fans, but its conservatives feel that it is diluting the actual game. For instance, most of the people who play golf at Topgolf facilities rarely play on real courses. Additionally, some players feel that the computer technology gets in the way of critical thinking and decision making.

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