10 Best Places to Golf in Japan

Japan is one of the most exciting countries to be in. When it comes to golf, there are more golf courses in Japan, which can only be compared to the rest of the countries in Asia combined. The love for golf is so great in Japan and that translates to the types of golf courses they have. Japan has some of the finest golf courses in the world. While it can be hard to unravel the full Japanese golfing experience,

Top Golf Courses of Japan

  1. Hirono

Hirono Golf Club is one of the most famous golf clubs in Japan. It was founded back in 1932 by Charles Alison – well-known for being behind the design of many other great golf courses in Japan. This golf course has been the host of all the major championships in Japan; speaking volumes on how brilliant this course is.  With mere 6925 yards, this course offers an intriguing challenge to golfers. You can actually begin your golfing experience at the golfing museum in the clubhouse.

  1. Kawana (Fuji)

Located 60 miles South West of Tokyo, Kawana is considered to be the best golf course on the Izu Peninsula. The Fuji course was designed by Charles Alison in 1936. It is a favorite for many given the beautiful view of the Pacific it offers and the rippled elevated land it lies on. The green surroundings add the icing on the beauty. The course has played host to many tournaments including the 1962 World Amateur Golf Team Championship. While it is one of the most expensive courses in Japan, the scenic beauty and the experience is worth the cost.

  1. Naruo

Naruo Golf course is quite unique. It is composed of 18 holes that have been carved out of the landscape manually. The artistic design shares the traditional aspects of other older clubs is Japan. The 70 years of existence have not eroded this unique aspect of the club. The Alison’s touch does not lack in this course, and you can feel it when you swing a golf club here.

  1. Tokyo

The Tokyo Golf Club was established more than a century ago but has moved site twice to settle in the location it is on now. This course was designed by Komyo Ohtani who admired the brilliant sand belt in London and incorporating that feel to the design of the club. The course employs a dual green system that allows for length and difficulty variations. The feel of the course is world-class.

  1. Ono

Located 27 miles to the North West of Kobe city, Ono design draws inspiration from Charles Alison’s works. The 18-hole course was designed by Osamu Ueda in 1961 offering an incredible woodland course. Holes 7 to 9 lie around a lake offering an aquatic challenge. All these together with the lone placement of trees offer great inspiration to finish the course

  1. Yokohama (West)

The Yokohama country club’s history dates back to 1960 when Takeo Aiyama’s architectural design was executed. This course included both east and west 18-hole layouts and played host to the 1978 Japan Open. A golf challenge at the course includes a warm nature’s embrace with abundant foliage and springs. The staff are, also, incredible and always ready to attend to your needs.

  1. Kasumigaseki (East)

Kasumigaseki Country Club was founded back in 1929. This private golf course is based in Kawagoe Saitama and has played host to some of the major golf events in Japan. Some of the events hosted on this course include the Canada Cup, the Japan Open Golf Championship, and the Asian Amateur Championship. Of the two golf courses at the club, most players favor the east. But it is best to have a feel of both the east and the west courses.

  1. Osaka

It only takes an hour’s drive from Osaka to get to Osaka Golf Club. Back in 1937, Osamu Ueda designed the course on the Osaka Bay cliff tops, offering vantage views of the waters below. It is not until you get to the short 14th hole that dances with the property boundary and the bizarre 5-hole sequence that follow that you get the true feel of golfing in Osaka Golf Club.

  1. Abiko

Rokouro Akaboshi figured out a perfect way to convert the contours lying between Tone River and Teganuma Pond into an incredible 18-hole golf course. The Abiko course was founded back in 1930 and has been rebuilt several times over the years to the incredible golfing facility it is today. The golf course has hosted a number of notable events including the 1950 Japan Open Golf Championship and the 2009 Japan Women’s Open.

  1. Koga

Koga is established on a piece of land availed by Nishi-Nippon Railway Corporation for a golf course construction along the Tsushima Strait back in 1948. Additional upgrades have been undertaken on the course including a two-year renovation program in 1994 and another one in 2005. Some of the events hosted at Koga include the 62nd Japan Open which took place one year after the renovations of 1994 and the Japan Open in 2008. This golf course lies just 20 miles North of Fukuoka and offers an amazing golf experience in Japan. You definitely would want to golf here.

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