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Lost Your Luggage from Airport

The Airline Lost Your Luggage, What Next?

You have probably been in a situation where you are standing at the baggage claim carousel. Everyone else gets his or her luggage but yours has still not arrived. Airlines have a long history of mishandling customer luggage. In some cases, they will send the luggage to the wrong destination. In other cases, your luggage[…]

Can I FedEx Golf Clubs? -

Can I Ship Golf Club With FedEx Shipping Industry?

FedEx has been in the golf club shipping business for years. To show just how serious they are about golf, they even sponsor a tournament. FedEx often runs commercials promoting their golf club shipping business, especially during PGA Tour events. If you get the low down on how FedEx golf shipping works, it can help[…]

Luggage Shipping With UPS

Can I Ship Luggage With UPS Shipping Company?

UPS is one of the biggest shipping companies in the US. However, if you are planning to ship golf bags, it may be quite expensive. A shipping company that specializes in shipping sports equipment, such as, would serve you better. If you are thinking of using UPS to ship your luggage, keep these few[…]